At OneFit we’re ‘all about’ a healthy lifestyle. Besides a healthy body, a healthy mind is a must-have, especially in these times. Yoga is a great bridge in this: through good practice, good breathing exercises, and different yoga styles you not only give your body but also your brain rest and regularity.

Child’s pose in a city garden

Fortunately, with OneFit you don’t have to wait for the gyms and studios to reopen. Of course, we don’t know if it’s really going to happen on the 1st of July, so until then we have a lot of great outdoor classes to completely unwind. Whether it’s in the garden of a fancy restaurant, in a city garden or on the deck of a stationary ship – you can’t imagine it and we’ve got it.

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Flow with us on International Yoga Day

Of course, we didn’t sit still and we won’t let Sunday, June 21st pass without exclusive OneFit events! That’s why, in Amsterdam, the place to be is: The Veronicaschip! Together with OneFit Presents teachers, your Sunday starts relaxed and especially zen. With drinks from Vitaminwell, energy bars from Barbells, and a well-stocked OneFit goodie bag, you’ll be flowing into your day.

Take a Power Yoga class by Albert Garcia Ordinas, Vinyasa Flow by Afke Reijenga, Vinyasa Flow by Lalibertad, or a fiery FireFlow with Cecile at this unique location with a stunning view over ‘t IJ. And our capital has more to offer: Hatha in the Vondelpark, Flow For All on the Museumplein, Yan Ying in the Tolhuistuin or Sunrise Ritual on the Hortusplantsoen: all at stunning locations where you can relax 100%.

Yoga all the way (and time)

You don’t live in the capital but still want to take a nice yoga class on Sunday? We got you: also in our other OneFit cities, the choice is huge. Rotterdam has a lot of nice hidden gems, and at some of them, you will find relaxed yoga spots. Balanzs provides you with a hot Hatha at the Laurenskerk, LouZen puts you with both feet on the ground in the Vroesenpark with a nice Power Yoga class and for a quiet Flow, you go to the Euromastpark with Flowyoga.

In The Hague, you wake up with a Balanzs Fusion extravaganza. Also nice to start your day is the Power Yoga Flow in Zoetermeer. For an Asthanga Led Yoga class, saktiisha is your place to be… we love it. And you will not only find yoga here, but Utrecht is also great to enjoy classes. Have you ever practiced in the garden of a real restaurant? No? Here you can – very nice Hatha between the fields of flowers. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, go to the Heukelompark.

Last but not least, Haarlem and Leiden also have some hidden gems you don’t want to miss. On Sunday, go to Mindflow Life in Haarlem for a Hatha of Vinyasa Flow and relax in the beautiful nature of National Park Zuid Kemmerland. Leiden offers a refreshing Pilates Core Flow to burn your muscles!