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Create your own workout routine with the most flexible monthly sports subscription in the Netherlands. Choose freedom with over 1,000+ indoor and outdoor workouts and unlimited online classes.

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Reactivate your membership or join in June to workout in the next payment period for €44.95 (Original) / €24.95 (Lite)

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It's never been easier or more enjoyable to discover new workouts and locations. Choose any workout you want, whenever you want. Alone or with friends.


Enjoy sports again

  • Safe and active together

    The number of spots for group activities is limited, enabling trainers to ensure that you feel safe and focus on your workout.

  • Special hygiene measures

    All our partners take extra care and effort in providing the cleanest venue experience so all hygiene regulations and restrictions are met.

  • Trustworthy locations

    All available gyms and studios have agreed to comply with the necessary regulations in order to open their locations and receive members again.

Questions you may have

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  • Reactivating your membership

    If you currently have a frozen account, you can reactivate it in the app or on the website via Membership Settings. If you currently have an Online membership, you can change it into Lite/Original on the same page.

  • Leftover days

    You will first use the frozen days that are left in your period after all memberships were frozen on March 15. After you've used your leftover days, your membership will auto-renew.

  • Online membership

    If you have remaining days left on your current Online membership and wish to change to a Original/Lite membership, you’ll get a one-time discount on your next period. This way you can get access to all workouts immediately.

Valid for June

Discounts of up to 25%

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“I love the freedom to discover new workouts and location via the OneFit app.“

“OneFit really became a way of life for me.”

“OneFit gave me the chance to discover what yoga studio was best for me”

“I love that I can decide when and where I want to work out.”

Demi Zuur
Roger Rosweide
Nienke Bezemer
Sanne Harland

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