OneFit Runners is a community for all run fanatics and everybody that just doesn’t like to run on his own. Every week you’re able to join an intense and fun run in your own city with other OneFitters.

Running with OneFit

Ready to get going? We will arrange a challenging run for you, especially tailored to each city specific. Local trainers will make sure you will push yourself to new heights and become a pro at running.

And that’s not all, because you will also get a OneFit Runners shirt from us! Don’t forget to bring it every time you’re joining.

Note: check the workout in your city specific to check the level of the run.

Select your city

Want to join the OneFit Runners movement? You can easily reserve a session in your own city with your OneFit membership.

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Pssstt: do you have a (running) buddy? Just bring ’em along! Don’t be shy, non-OneFitters are also welcome to join.

Tip: save OneFit Runners as favourite with ❤ in the app and never miss out on a workout.