September is often known as ‘back to school’ month, but also as the month where employees get back into their routines after summer and summer holidays. This includes refocussing on healthier behaviors, such as eating better and engaging in sports activities more frequently. If you, as a company, are interested in implementing a health benefit such as company fitness in the short term, it’s wise to start orienting now, during summer. So you are ready when September kicks off. Let us show you why.

5 reasons to look for a company fitness provider now:

Reduced Post-Holiday Blues:

The transition from holiday mode to work mode can be challenging for some employees. Engaging in sports activities in September can help mitigate post-holiday blues and create a positive atmosphere in the office!

Renewed Energy and Focus:

On the other hand, after the summer holidays, lots of employees return to work with renewed energy and focus. Providing a fitness benefit in September can help channel this positive energy into productive and healthy activities, leading to improved job performance, overall well-being and reduced absenteeism.

Preparing for the Fall Season:

Introducing a fitness benefit in September allows employees to start incorporating physical activity into their routines before the fall season begins. As September approaches, people often feel motivated to set new goals and establish healthier habits. By providing a fitness benefit at the start of September, companies can capitalize on this motivation and encourage employees to maintain their fitness activities in the coming months. It also lays a great foundation for the darker (less daylight), days ahead.

Boosted Team Dynamics:

Participating in fitness activities together as colleagues, can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among employees. Shared fitness challenges or group classes can help strengthen bonds and create a more cohesive work environment. As everybody will be back in the office around September, it’s the perfect timing to kick-off with a fun and sporty group activity. Think of a yoga class, a match of Padel, or bouldering! With OneFit’s Activate program, we can help to think along with choosing the right type of group activity fitting your company.

Don’t miss the Boat:

Taking this moment to already get in contact with the company fitness provider of your choice is wise because it usually takes a few weeks before everything is implemented and ready to go. Take the coming weeks to prepare and have a nice surprise when all your employees return to the office. Not ready in September? Of course, ANY start-month has its benefits and is surely perfect for your company and employees. Yet, September definitely has that ‘reset routines mindset’ (just like January!) and that could be just the boost your employees need after summer.

In summary, implementing a company fitness benefit to be ready in September allows companies to leverage the “back to routine” mindset, support employee well-being during the post-holiday period, and foster a culture that values health and wellness. An initiative like this can positively impact employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction while promoting healthy habits that can last throughout the year and especially during the upcoming darker autumn and winter days!

Would you like to offer OneFit to your colleagues? Check our Company Fitness offer. And read here more about offering company fitness within the WKR space (work-costs scheme).

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Rosan van der Tuuk