What is yoga and could it be something for me?

Once you go all out on Wikipedia, you’ll see that yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hinduism. Yoga is one of the most allround sports you’ll ever get to practice, since it’ll teach you how to control your body, spirit and mind.

In our Western everyday life, it all comes down to this: folding yourself into seemingly impossible postures only to leave your yoga mat relaxed to the max. All jokes aside: with yoga you’ll train your mind, body and spirit in a very friendly way. It’s always up to you if you want to book a high or low intensity class and how you want to approach a pose. That’s right, yoga is for everyone. Even for the less flexible amongst us.

Yoga: for beginners too

Are you up for a more intense kind of yoga, but also a little scared you’re not able to keep up with it? At almost every yoga studio there are rookie versions of your favourite yoga style. And if not, remember it’s always you who decides how far along you’ll go with the teacher’s instructions. Anyway, inside the OneFit app a yoga class for beginners is booked in a heartbeat.

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Sun salutations, the cobra and more

Once you’re in that (first) yoga class, you’ll surely encounter yoga poses you weren’t even aware of. There are so many yoga postures – also known as asana’s – it could take a year to explain ‘em all, so we’re not gonna do that. There are a few classics you can’t miss tho.

Downward facing dog
Raise your hip bone, while you keep your hands and feet on the ground.

Child’s pose
Your butt is resting on your heels while you bring your upper body down. This posture is often used as a quick rest between more intense yoga exercises or as a counterpose for (for example) the cobra.

In yoga, the cobra is viewed as an allround posture. The cobra works wonders for your chest, arms, shoulders, stomach and kidneys. Your legs are on the ground and while you’re leaning on your hands you arch your back as much as you can.

The warrior is a powerful, grounding pose. You’re in a lunge and stretch both arms while you’re looking into the distance over your middle finger.

Tree pose
Another pose to really ground your way into relaxation is the tree pose. Yep, it’s all in the name, because you’re standing as firm as a tree while you’re on one leg and throw your hands up in the air. Ok, after a little bit of practice, that is.

Want to devote yourself to one pose completely? Check if you can find a yoga class that dives really into one asana. There are several OneFit locations that offer sun salutation yoga for example. The class is all about nailing the perfect sun salutation of course.

What do I need to purchase for yoga?

One of the best parts of yoga is that you don’t need anything except for yourself. But let’s be honest here, there are several materials that’ll make your yoga practice a whole lot better.

The yoga mat is the number one essential, unless you prefer lying on the cold, hard floor. During some kinds of yoga it is nice to use a yoga bolster or some other kind of yoga pillow in order to get an extra dose of relaxation or to help you get into the right posture. Are you ready for the ultimate relaxation? Or do you wanna add that extra oomph to your workout? Then a yoga ball is your prop to turn to.

Last but not least, there’s one yoga prop that is (almost) free. However, this one is so good it’s almost indispensable. Music! Music influences your mood a lot and that’s exactly why there are thousands of playlists with relaxing yoga music. Want to handpick your own tunes, but do you have no idea where to start looking? Ask your yoga teacher for the best artists and songs.

If you visit a yoga studio inside the OneFit network, you’re practically all set, because at 9 out of 10 locations all yoga necessities are available. This is how to really start a class worry-free. Want to practise yoga at home? Well then, you now have a perfectly clear idea of the things you need or want to purchase.

Choosing from different kinds of yoga

There are so many kinds of yoga, the range is actually pretty overwhelming. Here’s a selection of well known yoga styles all lined up.

Hatha yoga
Hatha yoga is one of the most accessible yoga styles, which makes it perfect for rookies. You stay a little longer in the postures, so you have all the time to get used to them. By staying in a pose longer, you can really get out of your mind and into your body.

Vinyasa yoga
The movements of vinyasa yoga are a little more flowy than with hatha. You quickly move from one pose to another, which makes the classes really energetic. The foundation of vinyasa lies in ashtanga, but normally your practise will be less fixed and more variated.

Yin yoga
Instead of tightening your muscles, you are now going to try to completely let go. This is how to improve the flexibility and strength of your joints and connective tissue. Sometimes this is kind of a battle, but the (mental) practise is about surrendering to the poses too. Not always the most comfortable thing in the world, but luckily there will be used a lot of props to make everything as comfy as possible.

Nidra yoga
At yoga nidra (also known as yogi’s sleep) you’ll go on a journey in your own subconscious. During this deep meditation, you can free yourself from physical, mental and emotional stress. There’s only so much we can tell you – the rest is to be experienced.

Bikram yoga
Yes, Bikram Choudhury developed the bikram yoga series. In 90 minutes you will always practise the same 26 asana’s and two pranayama (breathing exercises) in a steaming hot room between 38 and 42 degrees.

Hot yoga
Just like bikram yoga, hot yoga is – ehm, yes – hot. Instead of a fixed series of asana’s though, hot yoga is practised in a bazillion different ways. Hot yoga is mostly inspired by vinyasa or ashtanga, but there are also plenty of yin and restorative classes around.

Ashtanga yoga
With ashtanga you practise a fixed series of postures, whilst making active use of the breath. This is an active form of yoga and because you’re repeating the same postures over and over again, you’re probably gonna notice the progress really quick.

Power yoga is really active, just like ashtanga. The only difference is the fixed series with ashtanga. At power yoga you’ll just perform them partly. Perfect if you wanna prepare yourself for your first ashtanga class.

Kundalini yoga
Kundalini yoga is quite different from other yoga styles. Your body is a tool to let your chakras energy flow. The goal is to gain psychic power.

Pregnancy yoga
Pregnancy yoga is especially designed for all mommies to be. With prenatal yoga classes you’ll prepare your body to giving birth by strengthening your pelvis and improving your posture. Furthermore, the focus will be on your inner wellbeing, to stay as relaxed as possible during labour.

Children’s yoga
Yes, this is yoga for the little ones! Kids in general are pretty flexible and children’s yoga really knows how to work with that. The children will learn the basics of yoga and how to balance body and mind really playfully. A seed planted for life.

Outfit struggles? This is what to wear to yoga class!

Once you’ve chosen your favourite yoga style, the best part is coming: you get to shop for trendy yoga clothing! While comfort is the most important thing with yoga, it’s also fun to be able to shine in your new yoga pants, yoga top and – if you wanna go all out – even yoga socks. The Rituals yoga clothing line is really cool. Very nice yoga leggings, yoga pants and yoga tops for even nicer prices. True, they only have yoga clothing for women. But don’t worry gents, a little online search will lead you to an immense world of yoga clothing for men.

Get zen with yoga in Amsterdam

We’ll give you a standing ovation if you fail to find a chill yoga studio in Amsterdam. To see the forest for the trees in the yoga jungle we have some OneFit suggestions for all your yoga needs:

  • Hot yoga and bikram yoga Amsterdam: Movements Yoga, Equal, Studio 191, Hot Flow Yoga.
  • Iyengar yoga Amsterdam: Yogaschool Amsterdam, Iyengar Yoga Centrum Amsterdam, Live Yoga
  • Kundalini yoga Amsterdam: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Bluebirds, Yoga Lifestyle Studio
  • Pregnancy yoga Amsterdam: The White Door Studio, Thrive Yoga, Yogaspot

Of course you want to appear dressed like a million bucks at these spots. The hottest yoga clothes of Amsterdam? One spot to find those is Lululemon at Hartenstraat.

Discover the hottest yoga spots in town

Rotterdam: the best yoga hotspots

Are you looking for a yoga studio in Rotterdam? We’ve got your back.

  • Nice yoga classes in Rotterdam: Balanzs Rotterdam, Yogajuf, LouZen, Yoga met Lef!
  • Bikram yoga Rotterdam: Bikram Yoga Rotterdam, Hot Yoga Place.
  • Pregnancy yoga Rotterdam: Balanzs Rotterdam, Blije Boeddha Yoga.

Get the best yoga gear in town? Mystiek is your new favourite yoga store.

Discover the hottest yoga spots in town

Yoga in and around The Hague

A nice yoga studio in The Hague is found in no-time, but what about a super relaxing yoga session, surrounded by the sound of waves and the smell of the sea? Below are the best spots for yoga at the beach of The Hague and more.

  • Beach yoga The Hague: Yoga voor Ieder, Karina Delfos Yoga Lifestyle
  • Yin yoga The Hague: Bliss Soul, Helder Yoga, The Attic, Balanzs Den Haag
  • Yoga nidra The Hague: Mica Yoga, Samudra Yoga & More
    Pregnancy yoga Den Haag: Wake-up Yoga.
Discover the hottest yoga spots in town

Yoga studio’s and activities in Utrecht

Yep, in Utrecht you can also go nuts on your mat. There’s an abundance of homy and cosy yoga studio’s. Our tips:

  • Yoga in Utrecht Oost: Park Yoga Utrecht, Yoga Moves Hot
  • Kundalini yoga Utrecht: Yoga Point Zuilen, De Yogaschool Utrecht
  • Pregnancy yoga Utrecht: Studio Vandaan
Discover the hottest yoga spots in town