All there is left now, is to find those perfect yoga spots all around the city. Don’t worry. We have the best inside tips when it comes to the hottest yoga spots in town. Just stay with us.

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yoga spots


At this venue in downtown Amsterdam you will find all kinds of yoga in all kinds of temperatures. Survived the burden of picking your perfect class? Just relax then and let it all go on the mat at &YOGA.

The Cosmos

Practically, it would be kind of a shame to call a class at The Cosmos just a class. Because, come on: moon yoga, sunrise yoga, aromatherapy yoga or – yes, we are for real here – hip hop yoga, do sound more like little presents, right?

BlueBirds Oost

Yoga studio does not really cover everything that Bluebirds Oost entails. Apart from the gorgeous classrooms there is an amazing lounge (lots of pillows, lots of tea) and the opportunity to book a massage or acupuncture session. What’s really unique here? The Superles, which takes you through HIIT, Pilates, Vinyasa and Yin in just 60 or 90 minutes. Worth the try.

The White Door Studio

The White Door Studio is your go to when it comes to winning back your peace of mind in all the city’s hassle. They focus on creativity, innovation, a personal approach, but above all: your yoga journey.


Call REBASE an urban jungle if you want to. Everywhere you look there’s wood, bamboo and plants. If you didn’t drift away with the awesome interior, then you definitely will by one of the bazillion kinds of classes, while you stare into the clouds through the skylights.

De Tempel . Amsterdam

Not feeling at home at Tempel . Amsterdam is kinda impossible. The whole vibe of the place screams cosy. Pillows, blankets, cute corners. You name it, they’ve got it all. Join a class of Bhakti here and feel like a newborn.


Yoga spots

Justflow Yoga

To get your focus on point, just go to Justflow Yoga. The yoga/pilates, flowyoga@park and core flow yoga workouts will do wonders for your body too.

Hot Yoga Place

Hot Yoga Place is the place to be for all kinds of yoga above 40 degrees. Sweat it all out with your girlgang, because this venue is ladies-only.

Yogastudio ShaktiPrana

At YogaStudio ShaktiPrana you’re basically a sun panel, since the beautiful rays of sunlight that light up the room, will leave you fully charged. They offer different kinds of yoga, whether you’re in for an active workout or a little bit of peace.

Bikram Yoga Rotterdam

Bikram Yoga Rotterdam is perfect if you want to get to know Bikram Choudbury’s famous yoga series. Make sure you prepare for a sweaty (the room is around 40 degrees) 90 minute workout. Rookies, don’t be scared. Bikram Yoga Rotterdam is there for you too.

Studio Mira Mira

What’s in a name? At Studio Mira Mira your teacher is Mira. She uses her background in rollerskating, dancing and acrobatics to guide you through your yin or ashtanga class.

Den Haag


If you’re looking for a studio that’s all about the journey, Yogaseads is the one. Yeah, it’s fun and all when you can do a perfect split or nail the lotus. However, we all know that the way towards it is much more important.

Helder Yoga

Beach lovers should visit Helder Yoga, because you’ll roll right onto the beach after your workout. All zen of course. Practice the more known yoga styles here like vinyasa, yin and hatha.

Saktiisha Yoga Centre

A hidden gem it is. The phenomenal studio’s of Saktiisha Yoga Centre are situated right in the centre of Den Haag in a monumental building. Tip: visit Saktiisha on a sunny day so you can practice yoga in the garden.

Ebb & Flow

For yoga workouts with a twist, Ebb & Flow Studio is your new BFF. You’ll combine yoga with martial arts, dance or calisthenics. All you have to do is find your flow.


yoga spots

De Yogaschool Utrecht

Small is beautiful definitely goes for this boutique studio in the middle of Utrecht. The size of this studio doesn’t reflect the classes they offer, since there are a lot. Some styles to check out at De Yogaschool Utrecht: yin, yin-yang, hatha, healthy back and yoga nidra.  

Studio Natuurlijk

In the middle of Utrecht too is Studio Natuurlijk. Beside pilates they host all kinds of yoga, but you can’t really say you’ve been to Studio Natuurlijk unless you joined a Yogalates class. We don’t need to explain what that is, do we?

Bikram Yoga

At Bikram Yoga Utrecht you don’t have to worry about getting a spot. Ehm, hello 33 classes a week. Don’t forget to enjoy the outside area to zone out a little after class.