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Why OneFit?

Our Story

OneFit was founded in 2013 in The Netherlands by Serge Brabander and Camille Richardson. Two guys who liked going to the gym but got bored being signed up at the same place. They believed that workouts should adjust to the flexible schedules of modern city life and be more diverse, easy and fun.

Who we are? In a previous life, Serge was director of Boomerang Cards and Camille was a professional basketball player for 13 years. For more info about them, check LinkedIn.

Our goal

Innovate the world of sports

With the world becoming more digitised, we wanted to turn tables and use technology - our app - to help our members to keep a healthy lifestyle. We do this by offering a flexible membership for thousands of workouts at the best gyms and studios in the city. From swimming to fitness, yoga to padel, boxing to Pilates and more. Our motto is Sweat and Joy for a reason.

Our goal

One Fit Planet

One Fit Planet is what we aim for. We want to empower people to stay fit by bringing variety in their workouts and by letting them discover new places, people and classes. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the coolest gyms and studios in urban cities across the world. Right now, we’re active in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. And there’s more to come...

Our goal

Create a movement

With OneFit, we believe you can live life to the fullest and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be part of our city-wide movement to inspire and motivate each other to stay fit! Check our job openings and join our winning team!

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