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International Yoga Day Special | Veronicaschip - OneFit Presents: FireFlow

Sunday June 21 from 12:00 to 12:50

3 spots available
Who's going? 17

About the class

Fire Flow is a fusion of different disciplines that combines power yoga, HIIT,
barre and pilates. It is a complete bodyweight workout that moves to your
breath and is done on barefoot. While this class is challenging, pushing you to
your limits, it is also fun, flowy and guided by music. Lastly, there is no fire
without air so the class always begins and ends with meditiation and
breathwork. You'll receive a fun goodie bag!


Please note: these specifics do not apply to online classes.

There are no showers. There are no mats available. Please bring your own mat to the class.


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    NDSM-Pier 1, 1033 RG Amsterdam
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