Last Friday we started surprising our winners with their well-deserved Awards. We were welcomed with very happy faces in four OneFit cities and everyone was super enthusiastic. Next year our new OneFit city Haarlem will also be competing, so keep on reviewing!

Thanks to your reviews and ratings in our app we had a lot to choose from, but we we able to make a selection of the best rated locations! Per city, the best rated 10% of our partners won an Award.

We’re extra proud of Mike, founder of the Powerbox, who managed to keep his 10.0 rating through the whole year of 2019!

Only because of YOUR reviews we were able to hand out the Awards, so please keep writing them. Our partners and their teams are super happy with that and that way we can reward them with this cool trophy.

A lot of different sorts of gyms and studios were chosen by you, why we have a big variety this year. Yoga is and stays popular, but we’re positively surprised, that we also see other types of gyms and studios in the top 10%. For example Fitness studio’s, CrossFit® functional fitness gyms and Barre workouts are extremely popular this year. Barre is a mix between Ballet, Yoga and Pilates and is super loved by our OneFitters.

Here’s the list of all our winners this year:



Den Haag


Is your favourite gym or studio not yet part of one of these winners? Then you know what to do! Keep writing reviews and rating them and who knows, maybe we can surprise them with an Award as well next year!

Sweat and Joy