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Spartaan Circuit

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As an ex-professional football player, owner and founder of Spartan Circuit Yusuf Tultak knows exactly what it takes to get fit. Easy? Certainly not. Effective? Yes! “I demand more than you have to offer and in return I give you a better, stronger and fitter you. With me you have no choice but to succeed and that is also the spirit you must have: all or nothing!” Spartan Circuit is a way of training much like Commando and Bootcamp. Rope climbing, hitting with hammers and throwing with tires: nothing is too crazy at this circuit. The workouts are always varied and adapted to your fitness level, so you can always participate. And then you will see that you can handle a lot more after a month of training!


The entrance to Spartan Circuit can be found in the alley that leads to Bierstraat. When you enter the Bierstraat you will find the alley on the left, the entrance can be recognized by the black mat on the floor.

The lessons are explained in advance, you are not obliged to do the lessons on the board, so you can also train freely, the weights and the like are placed in your own block so that you have everything you need for your workout at hand. Use of toilet is not allowed. Also not walking outside the block or packing things. After explanation there will be no further guidance because no group lessons may be given, you must also do stretching yourself. The training stops 5 minutes before time because of cleaning all the weight plates that have been used must be put back on the places where they were, items are cleaned and cleaned by the trainer.


  • Crosstraining
  • Functional Training
  • Fitness

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    Multiple locations

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