Isn’t it the best feeling to be able to go back to the gym to take your favorite group class or open training? You can be flexible again, try different things and pick up your workout routine! We’ll help you a bit to get back in the saddle with these cool tips below.

Did you know that yoga goes very well with boxing and that HIIT can be combined great with, for example, Barre? Just read on!


A sport that is becoming more and more popular and we know why: good punching, getting skilled, sweating, and above all an intensive workout. (Kick)boxing is a workout that is notorious for its intensity but is also very popular among OneFit members.

Whether you’re a beginner, need to get back into the flow, or want to take an advanced (kick)boxing workout, we’ve got you:


Sweat, a high heart rate, adrenaline, and burning muscles: that’s what HIIT and CrossFit® workouts are. Our app has hundreds of classes you can do to get your weekly dose of Sweat and Joy at a High-Intensity level. Here’s a small selection:

Swimming + wellness

Something you’ve probably missed a lot if you like swimming: a refreshing dip and making some meters in the pool! Well, we’ve got good news, because also the swimming pools are opening their doors again, so you can do a fresh and cool workout here:


Probably the classes that most of you have missed: a wonderful zen yoga class in a beautiful studio or an intensive session in a hot yoga studio. Great to take a break from your daily life or sweat out your day. These are the places to be now:

Open Training

Besides group classes, it is also very empowering to do your own open training in the gym! Just do your own thing, put on a good playlist, and fire away. We get it, so check out the following list:

Of course, you can now visit many more gyms and studios with your OneFit membership. Open the app or check the website for the full range and get out there!

Stay fit, Stay healthy.