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SoulStudio 010

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Soulstudio 010 is the place to be for yoga, pilates and small group fitness training. All classes take place in a heated room and have the improvement of physical and mindful awareness as their main purpose. You can work out in a way that suits your needs. So whether you choose for a challenging strength training or a relaxed yin yoga class, SoulStudio’s professional guidance will make sure you’ll feel more fit and energetic. The warmer temperature will warm you up quicker and will provide an extra challenge during your class. Get ready for a soulful workout!


This studio is for women only!

Recently, the Jonker Fransstraat was partially reopened. So the studio is again much more accessible by car and tram. Bike staples have also been placed in front of the studio, so more space for bikes!

It is mandatory to use a large ( non-slip) towel size bath towel (180 cm) on the mat. It is obligatory to cover not only the mat but also the meditation pillow, best done with a pillowcase. Both can also be rented in the studio for 2 euros each.

Wear sports clothes that aren’t too loosely fitted but still breathable (as the room will heat up significantly during your class). The studio is heated with infrared heat panels.

Please be on location at least 15 minutes before your class starts, if you’re too late and the door is closed you will not be able to attend the class any more.


  • Cafe / lounge ,
  • Dressing rooms ,
  • Lockers ,
  • Shower
  • Activities

    • Fitness
    • Pilates
    • Functional Training
    • Dancing
    • Yoga

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      Multiple locations

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