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Lucie With the Six Punches

Multiple locations

LUCIE is the new boutique gym in Rotterdam. Lucie With the Six Punches settles in a brand new building with a luxurious concept. On Hofplein they combine sporty, musical and visual elements. The gym has a "club" atmosphere, making every workout a party. Boxing Discipline is combined with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). With the six-punch formula.


Boxing gloves (including inner gloves) can be rented for € 3,-. You can also bring your own gloves or buy them from us, ask the trainer.


  • AC ,
  • Cafe / lounge ,
  • Dressing rooms ,
  • Lockers ,
  • WiFi ,
  • Shower ,
  • Parking
  • Activities

    • Fitness
    • Boxing Sports
    • Functional Training

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      Multiple locations

      Opening hours

      Monday: 06:45 - 21:00
      Tuesday: 06:45 - 21:00
      Wednesday: 06:45 - 21:00
      Thursday: 06:45 - 21:00
      Friday: 07:45 - 19:00
      Saturday: 08:45 - 13:00
      Sunday: 08:45 - 13:00

      Reservations are required to book a lesson at this location.

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