The big day is upon us: your favourite workout locations open their doors tomorrow! Get ready to slay your first workout since this pandemic forced the doors to close!

Curious what the opening on July 1st will mean for your membership? Check it out below.

  • On Sunday, March 15 at 6 PM we automatically paused all OneFit memberships.
  • You now have the choice to reactivate your membership manually via Membership Settings in the app or desktop. Do this BEFORE July 1st and only pay €24,95 for Lite or €45,95 for Original during your next 30-day period.
  • When you reactivate, you will first use the days you had left in your period when we paused all memberships back on March 15th.
  • Prefer not to reactive just yet? Then you don’t have to do anything for now.

Book your first class NOW

Turned your membership back on? Great! Let’s book your first indoor class. Discover all locations that are offering indoor workouts over here.

Can’t see your favourite partner on the schedule yet? Our team is busy uploading our 1200+ partners and locations into the app. Keep refreshing it. It’ll be full and back to normal in time for you to workout as you did before!

Exclusive OneFit Presents classes

How epic is this: with your OneFit membership, you can work out in a club, on a hotel rooftop, in a theater, on the deck of a FLIPPING SHIP NO LESS! All of these and tons of more unique locations are accessible with our OneFit Presents teachers. Find them in the app.

Is it safe to work out again?

If you’re feeling cautious, we assure you our locations follow health and safety guidelines by the book. However, if you would like more clarification on precise bits and bobs about exercising safely in the gym, studio or outdoors, we have an extensive blog post that details the rules and regulations. Click here to read.


If there are any questions or unclarities please check our most recent FAQ. This page will be updated frequently.

For more information and current updates, please visit the RIVM website.

Let’s get back to sports