Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates. Your body needs carbohydrates as a source of energy to maintain its sugar level, your glycogen supply. This energy is necessary for your body to function. The more you move, the more energy you burn, the more you need to function properly. 

So by eating pasta, for example, you can exercise longer – your body has more energy to burn. Athletes who do endurance sports, such as running, swimming or cycling, particularly benefit from this. And since it’s not possible to work out in the gym or studio for a while now, we’ll go running or cycling outside more often. That’s why we have listed our favorite pasta recipes!

We start with a high-protein pasta pesto sauce. Quite a mouthful, but a delicious sauce to fuel up on some extra protein – which are good for building up your muscles. Oh My Guts has put magic in a bowl and made this Green Protein Pesto for us and we can already say – it’s not only healthy, but it’s also delicious! Eat it with wholemeal paste and you’ll have the best of a high-fiber meal.

At the office (or at home at the moment) we don’t sit still either, of course. We have a lot of fanatical athletes, including runners in heart and soul. One colleague, an avid runner, shared her favorite pasta recipe with us: Spaghetti with prawns by Jamie Oliver. Yummy! A delicious source of protein with a spicy edge. Easy to make and fast recipe, because there are only a few ingredients in it (you can leave out the white wine, for example). Perfect for in between!

Beetroot and pasta – good combination?

For anyone who likes vegan, wants a gluten-free version or is a fan of beets: here’s a recipe for you! This ‘pasta’ is made from beetroot and is a good alternative if you’re a fan of veggies or if your diet is gluten-free. Vegetables are a good substitute for pasta, for example, because they are very high in fiber and contain a lot of antioxidants.

By the way, scientific research has shown that sodium nitrate helps to improve your sports performance. Beetroots have a high sodium nitrate content, so it’s beneficial to eat them before you start exercising – running, for example. Another reason why this recipe is a favorite!

Even more pasta inspiration

So, if you’re at home with an endless amount of pasta (because admit it, everyone has hoarded a bit… 😉), now you know what to do with it! We’ve also checked with our other sports colleagues what they love, so below you’ll find some of their favorite recipes. Enjoy!

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