An overview of these online classes can be found below. From meditation to Yin yoga and from Wim Hof Breathwork to Gentle Flow. Find your rest in one of our online classes and for example, learn what regulated breathing can do to your stress level.

Yoga classes for a quiet mind

Put on some quiet music, close the curtains halfway, and create a zen moment at home. By putting your to do’s on hold for a while and giving yourself this yoga moment, you’re resting your mind and you will continue with more concentration and a fresh start.

Try a Morning Flow class with OneFit Presents: Chris Hettinga, which is a good start of your day. You’ll focus on your breathing and flow from one movement to the next. Perfect to open up your senses and then start your day full of energy. Prefer to let go of the day in the evening? Yin yoga with OneFit Presents: Albert Garcia Ordinas does wonders for your sleep.

If you want to work on your breathing and learn what it does for your body, do a Wim Hof Breathwork class at The Conscious Club. A world of mindfulness and breathing will open up for you.

Balanzs Den Haag has recently become a regularly visited studio when it comes to online classes and we understand why. This amazing studio has everything to provide you with a portion of relaxation. Find Your Peace is the class you want for well, obvious reasons (the name says it all). For a yoga class extravaganza, because you also train your core, go try Yang Core at Studio Bondi (the studio is also a gift to the eye!).

Meditating and stretching with a stretch

An actual body twist or just a refreshing online meditation class: we have them. If your head is full in the afternoon, we recommend an Air Flow class with OneFit Presents: Fire Flow. The Air Flow is a meditation class with a lovely stretch (oh hey, body twist) at the same time. Give your body and mind a nice half-hour of stress relief.

For another nice stretch session, OneFit Presents: Henry McMillan with his shoulder strength and stretch party knows exactly how to escape that stiff sitting position and give your back the rest it needs. The balance between strength and stretch is important and you’ll learn this here.

Kundalini yoga is a practice that is not only physically but also spiritually challenging. You’ll learn to use the right breathing and how to use it consciously – great to unwind your brain.

If you want a little more twist in your life and you’re curious about mindful yoga, try the Classic Hatha at Movements Yoga. A slightly more intense class but certainly not less soothing. Because of the intensity, you can let yourself go completely and get distracted from daily activities.

Why mindfulness is good for you

At OneFit we believe that a strong mind and a strong body belong together. Working out is good for your mood, your stress level, and sleep quality. The endorphins that you create while exercising make you feel happy. At the same time, exercise counteracts cortisol production – the hormone that is produced with stress. So you feel happier and more at ease – so nice!

In addition, with better sleep quality and less stress, you also have more energy. You guessed it: so you’ll feel more like exercising and your sports performance will be better. Win-win situation if you ask us!