Wondering what this prolonged lockdown means for your OneFit membership? Check out our FAQs.

That’s very sad news for you as a member and our 1000+ gyms and studios. So, especially right now, it’s more important than ever to stay active and keep a healthy mind and body. So, you can still stay fit at home until the gyms and studios open their doors again.

With your OneFit membership, you have access to online classes from locations throughout the Netherlands. With that, you can stay fit at home until at least March 2nd and also support the gyms and studios that offer these classes to you.

A full schedule of online classes

The OneFit Online offer has grown a lot since March 2020. Next to ‘normal’ online classes, you’ll find a lot of cool special classes and live streams in the schedule. The good thing about it? You do them right at home in your living room, balcony, or garden!

All the cool extra’s at awesome locations that are planned can be found below. That way you don’t have to miss any special online class and it never gets boring. Oh, and the best thing is that, even if you don’t live in that particular city, you can follow all the classes!

Thursday, April 22nd

Monday, April 26th

Thursday, April 29th

Need some tips on how to style your living room into the ultimate yoga studio? Check out this blog post that’s full of tips!

Go social!

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Stay fit, stay healthy