Proteins are small building blocks for your body: they are converted into amino acids that are being used by all our cells as an energy source. Your body needs proteins for many different things. One of them is building up your muscles.

Those muscles need extra attention and care when you’re on a training schedule or working out intensively because your body breaks down proteins faster during sports. That’s why it’s good to stack up on them after your workout! Not only to help your muscles recover but also to strengthen them. And who doesn’t want a strong body?

Right. So one thing you can do to watch your protein intake is making some delicious meals that contain loads of these – especially after your workout those are a must! Here are our 6 favourites of the moment:

Protein pancakes

We all love them, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And you can even make them with a good amount of proteins ├índ healthy. Yes, we know – amazing! Check out this recipe and get baking. These pancakes contain loads of proteins, antioxidants, and are nourishing as well. Add some fruit, keep away from sugary milk and use unsweetened almond milk and there you go.

Oatmeal packed with protein

Another all-time favourite: oatmeal. It’s a great way to start your day, to get your fired up again after a workout and, when filled will all sorts of good stuff, to get enough protein in. Add some banana, nuts or nutpaste, other fruit, almondmilk or berries and you’ve got yourself a protein packed meal! Tip: try out overnight oats, also great if you don’t have a lot of time in the mornings.

Chickpea curry

Chickpeas and other legumes are great if you want to work on your protein intake. They’re also a great addition to your diet if you want to eat less meat, are a vegetarian or vegan – let’s say they’re the plantbased solution for your protein cravings! Try out this chickpea curry, super tasty! For lunch, dinner or in-between: we recommend it all. Want a little snack? Roast some chickpeas in the oven and sprinkle them with herbs. Yum!

The well-known lunch omelette

Is your mouth already watery? Ours is. A classic lunch omelette is an amazing source of protein if done right. Add spinach, nuts, courgette and a little feta and you’re done. It’s no surprise that athletes swear on these kind of recipes. Quick, easy and a nourishing option for a filling lunch.

Proteinrich pasta

Yesss, everyone loves a good pasta. It’s a great way to also stack up on your carbon hydrates if you’re training for a long run or doing endurance sports. We’ve explained why carbon hydrates are important while working out in this blog. Combining these with protein in one meal is a good way to watch your nutrition intake. This tuna pasta is one of those helpful recipes!

Blueberry smoothie

It’s not only a tasty nutrition bomb, but also an amazing alternative for an in-between snack or a light breakfast. It contains anti-oxidants, proteins, vitamines, so one of these will give you a boost right away! Make them with almond milk, add some nutpaste into it and enjoy a glass of powerful goodness.