If you want to improve your sports performance or become fitter, healthy nutrition is important. It can help build muscle, burn fat and, if you avoid certain things, lose weight.

1. Proteins for strong muscles

You grow muscle mass by regularly exercising with weights and doing strength training in the gym. According to the Voedingscentrum, it is best to do this as heavy as possible. By training your muscles heavily, the proteins are ‘destroyed’ faster, removed and rebuilt. If you keep training, your muscles will automatically produce more proteins to prevent too much breaking down, causing your muscles to grow. You can support this ‘super-compensation’ by adding more protein to your diet.

Proteins are also an important factor when it comes to strong bones, hair and skin and the maintenance of strong muscles. They consist of amino acids, some of which take in through nutrition. Simone from Oh My Guts will tell you more about this. You can get protein from plant or animal sources, depending on your dietary preferences. Read here what you need to eat to get more protein!

2. Want to build up fitness? Eath carbohydrates!

It is often communicated that carbohydrates are the devil. But, it doesn’t have to be that way at all! It depends on how often, heavily and when you exercise – then you can eat them just fine. For endurance athletes such as riders, cyclists, swimmers and, for example, our OneFit Runners, they are very important. Carbohydrates keep your sugar supply, glycogen supply, at the right level, so you can exercise longer.

For people who are very active or who train often and for a long time (for a certain event), it is important to eat enough carbohydrates, in order to be able to keep up the prolonged training. When your sugar supply is depleted, your training will stop quickly. Carbohydrates are mainly obtained from bread, rice, and pasta. Pasta, for example, is a great source of carbohydrates for runners. Soon the OneFit Runners will run the Rotterdam Marathon, and we’ll organize a Pasta Party in advance to give our Runners the perfect preparation. Keep an eye on the OneFit Events page for more…

3. Want to lose weight? Do it healthy!

We’ve all done it once: counted calories. Or something else in that trend, because we’re busy with our weight. Of course, we don’t have to – at OneFit we think everyone is beautiful. You can, of course, strive for a healthy weight to feel fit – we understand that. If you want to lose weight, do it in a healthy way. Note, however, that balance is key: a healthy diet with enough fiber keeps your energy levels up.

You lose fat, and weight, if you eat fewer calories than you burn in one day. Calories are energy you need to maintain your body. If you burn more energy than you consume, your body will use fat reserves to get that energy. In this way you lose fat – so weight. For example, you can schedule a HIIT workout to burn a lot of calories while exercising. Make sure that your diet is healthy, balanced and in proportion when working out regularly.

4. Sugars – are they healthy or bad?

Sugars come in many different shapes and sizes. You wouldn’t just put a cube of sugar directly in your mouth, but a (dried) date, for example, might be something you eat. It is often written, that there are healthy sugars that come from fruit, agave syrup, etc.. But your body sees everything as the same: sugar is sugar.

When you eat sugar, your blood sugar level goes up, it peaks. It also goes down quickly, so you quickly get hungry again. And so you tend to eat (sugars). Again. So it is better to keep this in balance to keep down the binges. The advantage of a piece of fruit, for example, is that it also contains a lot of fiber, which makes you feel satiated. That way you get enough nutrients, you have less binge eating binges and you can still enjoy those ‘healthy’ sugars.

5. Healthy nutrition doesn’t have to be hard!

Do you find it difficult to get enough nutrients, eat healthily in a busy lifestyle or follow a varied diet? We’ll make it easier for you! We’ve joined forces with Oh My Guts to show you that eating healthy is easy!

Oh My Guts prepares healthy meals that you can order and they deliver them to you! That way you can eat healthy food at home, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. This means more time for yourself, for example, to go to the gym! Do you want to try it out? We have something nice for you: with the discount code onefitonemeal you can order a free meal for €11.50*.

*the discount code is valid for an order with a minimum order amount of €25.50. One meal worth €11.50 within this order will be free.

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