We’re all working from home (more) again, the rules are stricter and we have to make sure we’re safe and responsible at all times. Let’s try to give it a twist and be creative about it.

We at OneFit always, no matter what kind of situation we’re in, want to make working out possible and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why you’ll find some great tips in this blog, to make sure you’ll stay fit, even while working from home and with restricted possibilities.

Unlimited online classes

Tip: with your OneFit membership you always have access to unlimited online classes. The offer is getting bigger each day, which makes working out within your own four walls always possible. This way you can maintain your healthy lifestyle!

Not really sure about it? Here’s how you make working out from home more fun. And, while you’re at it, smile!

Healthy recipes to try at home

Healthy nutrition is, next to doing sports, extremely important for your body. Give your body all the help it can get during this period, which also includes the dark and colder autumn weather.

Boost your immune system by trying these healthy (quarantine) snacks, push your protein levels up for strong muscles and if you’re a runner, try some pasta!

Everything has its benefits: you probably have more time now to cook at home. Make use of that and try a new, healthy recipe.

Put your mental health in first place

It’s super important to also spend attention to your mental state. Studies have shown that the home office situation does not have a very positive effect on the mental health of employees. So it’s good to know how you can maintain a healthy brain.

Make sure you build in some moments of (short) rest in a day. Short breaks, a walk outside, closing your laptop and workstation when it’s time – they’re all little helpers to keep your stress level low.

On top of that, working out is one of the best solutions to make sure your mental health stays strong. Sports are proven to lower the production of cortisol, your bodies’ stress hormone. During a workout, you also produce endorphins – your luck hormones!

Even if you don’t want to or can’t go to the gym: roll out that mat at home and try an online class! That 45 minutes of HIIT or relaxed yoga will help an awful lot and will make you happy.

Back problems? Ask the physiotherapist!

It’s important to make your posture a priority, especially when working from home. Most of the home offices do not contain ergo dynamic equipment and you’re often working at the kitchen table on unsupporting chairs.

Do you have any complaints? With OneFit, you can go to the physiotherapist and get some advice during an intake. This advice can (partly) also be found online: read this blog for amazing tips and tricks and a video on how to stretch when at home.


If there are any questions or unclarities please check our most recent FAQ. This page will be updated frequently.

For more information and current updates, please visit the RIVM website. Next to that, it’s also an idea to download the Corona Melder App. That way, you’re always up to date about the infections near you.

Stay fit, stay healthy