In case you forgot; an active OneFit membership period does not last a month or four weeks, but exactly 30 days. With your OneFit Original membership you can check-in 16 times and 4 times with Lite. But don’t worry, you can always do more workouts with our ‘additional workouts’ feature.

The main rule

There is one important rule; you can visit every location with a maximum of 4 times per membership period. This is how we encourage you to discover the hidden gems of your city! You can decide for yourself how you want to divide those 4 workouts over your membership period. Spread ‘em equally or plan ‘em all in one week; it really doesn’t matter. The only thing that’s not possible, is to check-in at one location for the second time in a day.

Your visits this period

Luckily, you can easily find out how many times you’ve already been to a certain location in the current membership period:
1. Navigate to Account within the app
2. Click on Visits this period

Here you’ll find:
– The exact dates of your membership period;
– How many times you have visited certain locations;
– How many coming reservations you’ve got at which locations;
– The sum of the above, which can be 4 at max.

Keep track of your score

You can also check how many workouts you’ll do in total this period (or have done, if you’re checking it on the last day of your active period). Yes, this feature is quite addictive – even we are trying to top this number every new period!

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