All by myself

Even though we’re a big fan of group workouts, we know it can be very nice to work out by yourself. Put in those earphones, turn on your favorite music (check for example one of our OneFit Spotify playlists) and work those muscles! Fortunately, there are plenty of OneFit locations to do open training. How you can reserve an open training timeslot is explained below.

View per location

1. Open the OneFit app (hey, you might forget).
2. Navigate to Locations bottom left.
3. Enter the location in the search bar and click on that location.

If this location offers space for open training, you will see this as a timeslot in the schedule. The class will be called Open Training or Open Gym or something similar. Read the tips below on how it works exactly.

The gyms and studios need to know at all times how many people are and will come to the gym, due to Covid-19 measurements. That’s the reason open training walk-ins are not possible at this time.

If you want to go swimming, book a spot in the app, reserve a timeslot on the website of the swimming pool and show your check-in screen at the entrance.

How to book an open training timeslot

1. Navigate to Locations inside the app.
2. Look for the location you want to do an open training at in the search bar
3. Go to the day and the time you want to work out and click on “open training” or “open gym”
4. Book this “class” like you’re used to. It will be visible in your schedule.
5. Make sure you’re on time. If you’re late for 5 minutes or more, you can’t check in anymore and your entrance can be refused.

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