Checking in, the basic rules:

– Always check in using the OneFit app before doing a workout; for both a scheduled classes as well as an open training.
– You are able to check in 30 minutes prior to your workout and 5 minutes after your workout has started.
– Checking in is only possible if you are present at the location. That means you can’t check in when you’re at home. Except if a OneFit location is next door (you lucky bastard).
– In case your concentration was at a low when reading the intro of this blog, we will repeat it once more: your check-in is your admission ticket for your workout. You can’t participate without showing the confirmation.

How to check in?

Check in for a scheduled workout:
1. Go to My Schedule inside the app.
2. Below your workout you’ll see the check in button – click on it and confirm your check-in.
3. Show the location your check-in confirmation.

Check in for a visit without a reservation (open training):
1. Go to Check In inside the app.
2. Wait until the location pops up (this is only possible if you’re near that location).
3. Confirm your check-in..
4. Show the location your check-in confirmation.

Lost the confirmation of your check-in?

No worries, you can always get it back. How?
1. Go to Check In within the app.
2. Click on the wallet at the top left.
3. There it is!

Having trouble checking in?

Take a look at this page; we’ve explained what it might be + given some solutions. Still not working? We’re here to help you out! During opening hours you can always call us, so we can check you in manually. Outside of opening hours, you can mail us; we will solve it later.

Forgot to check in?

Did you forget to check in because the location didn’t ask for your check-in confirmation? Oops. It happens. You’ll receive a no-show fee that’s unjustified. Please contact our community success team, so we can check you in manually.

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