New year, new resolutions. 📝 And what could be better than a bit of inspiration for you from our Fitness Trends 2024? Our partners at OneFit are already gearing up, offering the latest trends for 2024 in their studios. Do you want to be among the trendsetters? Here, you’ll find out how. 🔽

📸 BodyBase in Amsterdam

1. Reformer Pilates: elevate your workout experience

Reformer Pilates emerges as a standout trend in Fitness Trends 2024, offering a dynamic and versatile approach to strength and flexibility training. By incorporating innovative equipment like the reformer, practitioners can elevate their workouts to new heights, enhancing muscle tone, alignment, and overall performance. This specialized form of Pilates complements traditional mat exercises, providing resistance through springs and straps for a challenging yet low-impact workout. Whether you are seeking to refine technique, recover from an injury, or simply elevate your fitness, Reformer Pilates in Fitness Trends 2024 offers a holistic and transformative approach to wellness that resonates with members of all ages and fitness levels.

A couple of our partners to try Reformer Pilates:

📸 Bluebirds in Haarlem

2. Yoga meetups: connect and unwind

Yoga cannot be ignored when unlocking the Fitness Trends 2024. 🧘 Yoga enthusiasts, famously seeking tranquillity and relaxation, are on the lookout for like-minded individuals to connect with. Hence, more studios offer spaces to linger. For example, at BlueBirds in Haarlem or Yoga Point Leidsche Rijn and Vleuten in Utrecht – where a café with cosy seating areas has even been embedded into the studio. De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam has a large living room area and a big garden – you won’t want to leave the studio. 

Other yoga studios to meet like-minded people:

📸 De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam

Sports routines in 2023
First things first: We are fascinated by how sporty you were in 2023! In summary: On average, you checked in five to six times a month at our partner venues. Yoga remained the undisputed favourite sports category. Indoor cycling takes second place and Pilates takes third place. Some predicted trends from the past year have risen. This year, HIIT took fourth place for the first time. Following are Hot Yoga, fitness, Barre and various other sports. We’re also thrilled to see how experimental you are! A survey among members shows that around 66 percent tried new sports in 2023.

📸 De Wolf Gym in Scheveningen 

3. The ultimate playground: outdoor workouts

It may have been over two years since we emerged from the last lockdown, but we continue to crave time outdoors. So it makes perfect sense that outdoor sports are on the list of Fitness Trends 2024. Moreover, people who discovered outdoor sports during the last lockdown are still enjoying it to the fullest. Rain or shine 😉 Outdoor workouts are a great way to stay fit while enjoying nature. Whether you’re hitting the beach with De Wolf Gym in Scheveningen or Kettlebell Outdoor in the park in Amsterdam, there are plenty of options to get moving. At the beach, the sand adds resistance to your exercises, making them more challenging. In parks, you can use benches, trees, and open spaces for a variety of workouts. Plus, being outside boosts your mood and energy levels.

More outdoor sports at our partners:

📸 House of Happiness in Rotterdam

4. Holistic experiences: nourish your mind and body

Love Yoga? We know! Classic Yoga will remain one of the top favourites in 2024 – but the offering here will also expand to include meditation and journaling, among others. Not to be confused with traditional diary writing, targeted journaling classes focus on processing your everyday life. This can help you explore your own behaviours. With sound baths, you’ll be transported into a meditative trance state through singing bowls. Partners like Bluebirds in Amsterdam, Tribes Dance & Yoga in Leiden, or Kula in Rotterdam, offer corresponding classes.

Other locations for holistic experiences:

Motivations for more sport in 2023
In a representative survey of Urban Sports Club, OneFit’s mother company, members, 70 percent of respondents stated that, for the sake of their health, they aim for better physical fitness. 13 percent want to use sports as a coping strategy for their hectic daily lives. 6 percent want to change their appearance, and for 3 percent, it’s all about the fun of sports. An additional boost of motivation comes from the increasingly popular corporate sports offerings – 44 percent of the members became aware of Urban Sports Club through their employee benefits in 2023. 48 percent confirmed that their workdays became less stressful through regular use, 10 percent mentioned being less sick in 2023, and 9 percent noticed more restful and deeper sleep.

5. Sculpt and tone with Barre

It was one of the top trends for 2023, and you confirmed it: the Barre sports category has captured your hearts and will regularly appear in your sports plans this year as well. It is a popular training method that combines movements from Pilates, Yoga and classical and modern ballet. And it is super popular, because with this workout you are guaranteed to get a slim and elegant body like that of a dancer. You can find a corresponding offer at JSX Studio in Amsterdam or at bbb health boutique in Rotterdam.

More Barre workouts are available from these partners:

📸 Studio 191 in Amsterdam

Swimming also remains one of your favourite sports. Especially in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague, members can enjoy a good swim. Bouldering will continue to boom this year, and partner locations like Be Boulder in Amsterdam, as well as Boulderhal de Campus in The Hague or Boulderhal Energiehaven in Utrecht, are excited to welcome all you ambitious climbers.

Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with the top Fitness Trends of 2024! Whether you’re seeking strength, flexibility, or inner peace, our guide has everything you need to thrive. Join the fitness revolution today and experience the best that OneFit has to offer.

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