Activate your Workforce

Give your employees access to 1.000+ exclusive in- and outdoor fitness, health, and wellness locations

Boost the happiness, job satisfaction and fitness of your employees with a diverse OneFit membership.

OneFit is an exclusive and flexible fitness membership with plenty of diverse workouts to choose from.

Benefits for your employees

Benefits for your employees

  • Working out via employer is more beneficial
  • Improved productivity
  • OneFit synchronizes with work agenda
  • Employees prevent stress and burnout related complaints
  • An abundant, diverse selection of sports
  • Access to mind and body wellness
  • Work out with friends and co-workers
Stay active, wherever you are

Stay active, wherever you are

  • Where and whenever you want

    It doesn't matter where and how your employees are working. OneFit is always accessible with indoor, outdoor and unlimited online classes.

  • Variety

    HIIT, yoga, bouldering, dance, barre, paddleboard... with our diverse range of workouts, there's something for every employee.

  • Unlimited online access

    A variety of unlimited online classes to let your employees create their own diverse workout routine.

Benefits for employers


Attract and retain talent

Offer the leading sports membership


Reduce illness and stress

Employees with a workout routine take less sick days


Improve workforce productivity

Boost the motivation and productivity of your employees


Enjoy tax benefits and easy administration

Save an average of 18% on your social employer expenses

Signing up is easy

3 steps into a more active workforce

  • 1
    You choose your activation package and employee discount
  • 2
    Your employees sign-up via their employer portal and download the OneFit app
  • 3
    Your employees enjoy thousands of workouts from exclusive and premium OneFit locations
1,000+ locations, 100+ sports. And growing.

1,000+ locations, 100+ sports. And growing.

Our mission is to spread the Sweat and Joy lifestyle. Our platform connects businesses, through a multiple assortment of workouts and a network of local communities full of inspiring people. We give employees across the Netherlands the tools to finally enjoy working out. This way, we enable companies and employees to live an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle: the Sweat and Joy lifestyle. Because we believe in the Joy of breaking a Sweat.

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From small to large business, OneFit brings value for everyone. Request more info to get a package that suits your needs.

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