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Boulderhal de Campus

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Bouldering is up and coming! This is a fast-growing discipline of climbing and the spectacular, athletic brother of climbing on a rope. Independent bouldering is for people who are familiar with the sport, if you are trying bouldering for the first time, it is advisable to participate in an introductory lesson, in which the basics are explained for you, after which you can continue climbing independently. Bouldering is a full body workout and therefore a fun and effective way to get fit. Power, technique, dynamics and flexibility are trained in a creative way. You climb above a thick mat to a maximum height of 4 meters and use a bouldering route. A boulder is a climbing route that consists of colored handles. Bouldering can be seen as a kind of puzzle - which is perfect to discuss in the cozy connected bar!
If you have never done bouldering before, we recommend taking an introductory lesson. In half an hour, under the guidance of an instructor, the basics are explained and you get some tips and tricks. After 30 minutes you can continue bouldering independently. For current times of the introductions, see the class schedule.


Note: Next to flexible sports clothing and clean indoor shoes you don't need anything else. If you want you can rent special boulder shoes at the location for €3,50.


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      Multiple locations

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