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Studio 191 Reformer West

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Welcome to Reformer Pilates at Studio 191 West!

Picture this: x10 Allegro 2 Reformer by Balanced Body, awaiting your transformative Pilates journey in our custom-designed reformer studio. We cater to every schedule and level with approximately 12 classes per day. With a penchant for beautiful spaces, smiling faces and the belief that movement should be fun — we think you’re going to love our S191 Reformer classes.

Just like all of our S191 workouts, our Reformer Pilates classes are led by our super professional and passionate instructors. Our classes range in their approach and intensity level, therefore we have 3 class styles to choose from:

Our Reformer Athletic class is a form-focused, uptempo reformer class with plenty of jumpboard for the ultimate plyometric, cardio workout. If you’re looking for great results fast and a big boost of serotonin, then Athletic is the one for you!

Now Reformer Essentials, whilst still challenging in its intensive approach to form and alignment, moves a little slower and brings more awareness to each exercise and how to use the equipment for best results. If it’s your first time or you’d like to really work on your technique, then Essentials is your perfect match!

Lastly, Reformer Ultra — oh baby is she a tough one. You’ll get all the advanced choreography, longer sets, more reps and still all that focus on form because doing it right is what counts. Want to take things up a notch? Then Ultra is your go-to!

And what makes us different from other Reformer classes? We bring you slow transitions that are safe without compromising the hard work and upbeat tempo in each exercise. Slow when it matters and rooted in the knowledge that form and alignment come first, breath matters and that you come here to work hard and get results.

So come on over! Immerse yourself in the experience as we elevate our workouts with an array of props—pilates ring, jumpboard, pilates box, balls, bands, and weights. These tools, coupled with the precision of the reformers, add flair and challenge to every move, making each class a fun and dynamic part of your daily routine.

Our classes are more than fitness — they're a celebration of strength, community, evolution and fun. Don’t believe us? S191 Reformer is waiting for you.

Please note that grip socks are essential for all reformer classes to keep you safe from slipping and for the hygiene of our equipment. We sell S191 grip socks (€14) in reception but you’re obviously welcome to bring any grip socks you have to wear in our classes.

Pregnant? Our reformer group classes aren’t designed with pregnancy in mind and, although we do have x2 prenatal reformer wedges in our practice room that adapt the reformer into a safer position, we cannot guarantee that these classes are safe or effective for prenatal women. Would you like a private or duo prenatal reformer class instead? Email our studio for more information.


*We recommend you check out our FAQ’s page for all up to date information about our studios
*We provide mats and all props for classes in all of our Studios, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.
*Please arrive 15 mins before your class, we cannot allow access after the class has started.
*Double check at which location you are booked and always park your bike in the designated bike parking areas, the surveillance officers are active in the area and may remove your bike if parked wrongly.
*Lockers are provided in all studios, please use them for your valuables.
PLEASE NOTE: Our cancellation period is 12 hours. Keep this in mind when making a reservation.


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