Did you know that you burn a wicked amount of calories with one high-intensity workout? It’s bizarre. Quite handy though, especially if you have celebrated Halloween last weekend or are still planning on doing so this week. These monster workouts will have your blood boil. And prepare your for a mysterious Halloween night the 31st🧟‍♂️.

Bring out the beast in you

You will start the week off right at The Trainers in Amsterdam with their monster workout HIIT Circuit. To stay in shape (and the theme), Bunk’r Rotterdam has the best workout for Halloween: Killerbody. Same with RAW BURN: In Utrecht, they know how to get it done. Trigger your inner Ninja at a Judo workout in Haarlem.

Train at night in the dark: who dares?

Would you rather train in spooky 👻 moonlight? We’ve got you. Go for an outdoor HIIT workout during the Circuit Training by The Workout Studio in our capital. Not haunted enough? In Den Haag, we’ve got a workout under a bridge for you (watch out for the bogeyman) at Bootcamp & Crosstraining. Still not satisfied? Try Bootcamp BBB Extreme in Rotterdam. Brrr..

Next to high-intensity workouts you can also go running, in the shadows of the night. The last workout in Amsterdam is at 20:15 at Flow-Motion, and not for the squeamish… Otherwise, you can also join the OneFit Runners Rotterdam for that last round of the day 🕷.

Extra spooky exclusive workouts

We wouldn’t be OneFit if we wouldn’t join in on the Halloween craziness. Join the Conscious Club in Amsterdam for a Halloween Yoga @ Thrills and Chills class on the 31st of October. You can also show your best outfit at Zombie Bellydance or Zumba in The Hague on the 31st. Be quick, one workout is already fully booked. Two workouts with a scary taste, for the thrillseekers here.

Sweat and Joy (and Creep…)