Last year we wrote about the 5 sports trends that we expected to become (or remain) popular in 2022. We discussed indoor cycling and padel, two workouts that will continue to be extremely popular this year. We did the same for Corona year 2021, in which outdoor sports and online lessons were discussed. We’d say it’s time for an update! What are the sports trends for 2023? We have prepared a list of 6 rising star workouts. Curious? Then keep reading!

1. Calisthenics and mobility

Do you ever see them on social media? The mobility challenges? Check for example this one out! The aim of these challenges is to smoothly perform a series of movements without losing balance or falling. It may seem easy, but it’s definitely not – almost every single muscle in the body has to be used to fulfil the sequence. Add a good portion of power and you get Calisthenics. Calisthenics is a combination of mobility, strength and endurance, and is becoming increasingly popular as an effective full-body workout.

Why? Because it can be performed anywhere without the need for equipment, as it focuses on body weight. This makes it an accessible and practical form of exercise for many calisthenics enthusiasts. It helps improve balance, coordination, and overall athletic skills. Calisthenics is seen as a challenging and fun way to achieve fitness goals. In short: definitely one of the sports trends for 2023 to keep an eye on!

→ Mobility and Calisthenics in the OneFit app.
In the OneFit app you can find several partners who offer forms of Calisthenics. For the purest form, visit Calisthenics Amsterdam in Amsterdam, or Calisthenics United in The Hague. Another partner in The Hague that offers similar workouts is De Wolf Gym; in his “Flow” classes, he focuses on flexibility and mobility. What’s also quite similar is (reformer) pilates, check for example BodyBase (Rotterdam and Amsterdam) or Studio 9 in Amsterdam.

Photo: Sondre from Berg Movement

2. Data-driven workouts and wearable tech

Another trend that we see more and more often are the data-driven workouts. This goes beyond wearing a Garmin or Fitbit yourself to track your own heart rate, steps or burned calories. We are referring to gyms or studios that offer (wearable) technology to track your (or the groups) workout. Some studios even bring a game or competition element to it (gamification); they will for example show data on a big screen to see who is leading, or who has to step up and push a little harder.

Why is this such a success? More than ever people are looking for ways to improve their sports performance and train in a more targeted way. By linking exercise to technology (such as heart rate monitors), people get real-time information about their performance and physical health. This makes it easier to set goals and track progress. In general, the growing popularity of data-driven sports is of course linked to the increasing availability of high-end technology, but we suspect that gamification also contributes to it.

→ Data-driven workouts in the OneFit app.
Take for example one of the newcomers in Amsterdam, TRIB3. At TRIB3 you wear an arm monitor that enables you to see on screens in the studio whether you are in the so-called ‘sweat zone’ or not. Are you in the sweat zone for long enough? Then you will receive a digital sweat medal. Other data-driven workouts include WattWorks (Amsterdam and Haarlem) where your spinning bike is set to your weight and fitness level, RowStudio where the leaderboard shows whether you are a Queen or a Beast, or VeGym by Vondelgym; a personalised full-body workout in which the equipment is automatically set to your capacity through an initial strength test.

Datadriven workout sporttrends voor 2023
Photo: Internationaal fitnessconcept Trib3

3. Combi workouts (hiit and strength)

This is of course not “new” in the world of boutique fitness, but we would still like to present it as one of the sports trends for 2023: the combi workout where you rotate between different disciplines (e.g.: cardio and strength). These kinds of classes are hotter than ever! The idea of ​​the combi workout is that you don’t just focus on one type of workout, but on several, for optimal results and an even better feeling afterward.

What we see a lot in these types of workouts is the use of the treadmill, to then switch to a place for strength exercises, and rotate several times. It doesn’t stop with treadmills though, we also see workouts where the cardio part is covered by rowing machines, assault bikes or stair masters. Whatever cardio focus the class has, the heart rate will rise tremendously, to then be lowered again during the strength part. This is how they create those peak moments that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is so well known for. Guaranteed success for a killer workout. We certainly understand the trend!

→ Combi workouts in the OneFit app
Of course there are several partners in the OneFit app who host such workouts. Do you for instance like running? Then try The Workout Lab or TRIBE3. Would you rather do something else than run? Then try the rowing workouts from RowStudio and Alpha31 (Amsterdam), where you will row in a beautiful studio on good beats alternated with strength or pilates exercises.

Roeien Rowstudio combi workout
Photo: OneFit partner RowStudio.

4. Techno Yoga

Perhaps the biggest party on this list: techno yoga! Techno yoga is yoga where techno music and traditional yoga come together. It combines the physical and mental benefits of yoga with the energising and energetic atmosphere of electronical music. Techno yoga is often done using more dynamic yoga practices (like Vinyasa Flow), breathing techniques and meditation. All performed to the rhythm of uplifting techno beats. For those who like intenser yoga (and a techno party every now and then), techno yoga is the ultimate workout.

Why do we expect techno yoga to be one of the sports trends for 2023? We think that the combination will tap into a whole new yoga target group — people who might otherwise never have tried yoga. Younger generations tend to love electronical music and going to festivals, so that could be a reason to give techno yoga a try. You get the experience of a mini festival, but with actual health benefits. And a lower ticket price of course ;-).

→ Techno yoga workouts in the OneFit app
Would you like to try techno yoga? You can in Rotterdam and The Hague with Yotecha! For the full techno yoga experience, Yotecha’s techno yoga classes are given in a real night club. How cool is that? Definitely worth a try!

Techno yoga sporttrends voor 2023
Photo: OneFit partner Yotecha.

5. The Body, Mind and Soul movement

Workouts that focus on Body, Mind and Soul are also becoming increasingly popular. People realize that it is better to not just work on physical fitness, but also on mental and emotional health. In this fast-paced society, more and more people feel the need to de-stress; workouts that focus on activating the Body, Mind, and Soul provide an opportunity to slow down, breathe consciously, and calm the mind, while staying physically active at the same time.

Techniques that we see often in these types of workouts are, for example, breathing exercises (breathwork) where hyperventilation is simulated, cocoa ceremonies, sound healing, microdosing (of truffles) and dance or martial arts movements. All in all, workouts that focus on the Body, Mind and Soul offer a holistic approach to health that appeals to many people for its many benefits in everyday life. Defenitely one of the sports trends for 2023 to keep an eye on!

→ Body, Mind & Soul workouts in the OneFit app
Our exclusive partner Sanctum is a perfect example of a workout where focus on the Body, Mind and Soul are central. It’s a tough workout (hello sore muscles!) but also relaxing at the same time. Because of meditation and breathing exercises you will leave your workout completely zen and refreshed. Fun fact: OneFit likes to host events within this genre too, so keep an eye on our channels for the next one!

Body mind en soul sporttrends voor 2023
Photo: exclusive partner Sanctum

6. Release your inner goddess

The last emerging sports trend that we would like to discuss is the “Release your inner goddess” workout. We are spotting more and more workouts that focus on strengthening the connection with the inner feminine. More people believe that it is important to be in balance not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Doing movements that are traditionally considered feminine, such as sensual or ecstatic dancing, helps people to connect better with the emotional, feminine self.

A “Release your inner Goddess” workout is a type of workout that focuses on strengthening that feminine energy and promotes self-acceptance and self-love. After an Inner Goddess workout, there is a good chance that you will feel more free, confident, feminine, and super sexy. Worth a try, right?

→ Inner goddess workouts in the OneFit app
An Amsterdam partner where the focus is on sensual dancing is Spirit ‘n Roses, here you can follow various dance classes, such as sensual dance or chair dance. Rather experience pole dancing? You can in Rotterdam at Aerial Artistic Dance, and in Amsterdam at Pole Dance Factory. Would you like to try ecstatic dance instead? Then try a workout at Odessa in Amsterdam (at a super cool location; an actual ship!)

Release your inner goddess sporttrends voor 2023
Photo: OneFit partner Spirit ‘n Roses, Amsterdam.

All in all, enough interesting sports trends for 2023, right? Which one would you like to try? Let us know!

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