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Sanctum - Mindful movement

Sanctum is a cathartic workout experience that empowers the body and expands the mind. A 50min holistic moving sequence that puts in balance your physical body with the mind and the spirit. Routed in multidisciplinary forms of physical conditioning like modern fitness, with elements of HIIT workout, kundalini, martial arts, breath work and functional movement. All garnished with the most powerful carefully curated music.


Vondelpark: Sanctum takes place at the rose garden in Vondelpark. (This is an Outdoor location)

Dominicus Church: The entrance is at Spuistraat 12.

Posthoorn church: The entrance to the Posthoornkerk can be found at Haarlemmerstraatweg 124.

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- BBC Documentary (
- Sanctum Retreat (
- Vogue Article (


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    Multiple locations

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