Help a OneFitter out

Reviews are valuable for all of us. First of all, the OneFit locations can take your feedback into consideration, so the workouts/locations will get even better. It also lowers the threshold for many OneFitters to try a new workout and helps to give a more detailed picture of the workout. We mean; you would find it useful to read that your first boxing workout is fine for beginners, that not only women attend ballet workouts, or that the HIIT workout is the challenge you were waiting for, right?

Check it out

You can view the reviews that OneFitters have written in several ways.

Reviews about specific workouts:
1. Within the app, navigate to the workout you want to join and click on it.
2. Below the photo, you see the rating and the number of reviews that this workout got.
3. If you click on the number, you will reach the list of reviews.

All reviews about a specific location:
1. Within the app, navigate to the specific location and click on it.
2. You can click on the number to end up at the review list. Note: this is a collection of the reviews about all workouts here.

Review it!

Want to review a workout yourself? Please do! This is how:
1. Within the app, navigate to Account > Reviews.
2. Under Pending you’ll see your previous workouts that you can review.
3. Under Reviewed you will see your reviews.
You can also be invited to give a review after each (new) workout you do. Want to set this up? Go to Account > Notification preferences > Review invites (max 2 per venue/lesson).

How to write a review

To make the reviews as valuable as possible, we have a few tips on how you could write your review:

> Don’t just give stars but write something as well. It’s all in the details…
> Don’t forget to clarify which workout you’re talking about. If someone takes a look at the location reviews, it’s not always clear which workout a specific review is about.
> If the name of the workout doesn’t make clear what it includes, it can be useful for fellow OneFitters to know exactly what they’re going to do. A short description would be great!
> If you happen to know the name of the teacher, please mention it and write down what was good or maybe a bit less good about his/her way of teaching.
> Find giving your opinion a bit exciting? (Hey, we don’t judge.) You can do it anonymously as well. 🙂

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