To make waking up easier, we have some cool tips and tricks to help you get out of bed in the morning and we listed the best early morning workouts. Prefer a slow start in the morning? No biggie, we’ve got workouts for that too 🧘🏽‍♂️.

The early bird catches the worm!

Going to bed early is always a good idea. If you’re planning to get out of bed at the break of dawn, be sure to squeeze in some extra hours of sleep the evening before. You’ll thank yourself later. Still not easy to get out? Set your alarm with your favourite song and you’ll be right out, promise.

Also, if you snooze, you lose. So get up at that first ring and get the most out of your day! Spending half an hour snoozing will keep you in a dreamy state and starting off will take much longer. Try it🤸🏻‍♂️

Last but not least: take a cold shower right after waking up. Sounds cruel, but does a lot: you’ll be awake in no time and won’t even need coffee… probably ;-).

Get up with your #onefitbuddies

Yep, because when you plan a buddy workout in the morning, it will be much harder for you to cancel. Nobody wants to keep their friends waiting, right? If you do this regularly, every time will be easier, for both of you. Plus you can complain to each other about those super early workouts. Bonus!

Workouts to get out of bed for🔥

Yep, we’ve got those. You can get that energy boost in the early morning in each of our cities:


  • For the hardcore early birds: WOD at 06:00 at Powerbox Amsterdam
  • Little less early, but very satisfying is the 06:15 HIIT Circuit at HIIT Fit Studio 2
  • At Blue Birds Yoga in the city center, you can start a bit slower with a Super Flow or Morning Rituals class.
  • No time but still in need of a fresh boost? Cryo Freezlab has got you covered.


  • If you’re a die-hard, go for a 07:00 Ochtend Helden (morning heroes) workout at Staal & Kracht (oh, and check all their new workouts here).
  • 08:00 Bodyweight workout at Fittrr. For those who want to sleep a little longer😉
  • For the slow start: try the Sunrise Yoga class at YogaStudio ShaktiPrana
  • It’s the weekend, still time to work out early. This time at 09:00, easy! Try the Booty workout at Spartaan Circuit
The Human Fabrique @ Haarlem

Den Haag

  • Start your day off right with a Vinyasa class at Ebb & Flow
  • Up for a kick-ass morning? Try a 08:00 Crossbox workout at de Werkplaats!
  • At LMNTS, they have an early WOD or NGRY Boost workout waiting for you


  • FIG has got you covered: a Body Burn workout at the break of dawn (07:00)
  • Boom! Get in that saddle early at Rocycle and boost your day
  • If you want to sweat, go for a Bikram Yoga Class at, yup, Bikram Yoga


  • At one of Haarlem’s most beautiful locations, roll out of bed into a relaxing Yo, Good Morning class at The Human Fabrique
  • 45 minutes of a wake-up call: HIGH STUDIOS at TrainMore
  • Something else to start your day: do an EMS workout at Bodytec Haarlem!

Sweat and Joy!