Online workouts have become a big part of our life since 2020, we suddenly had to look for workout motivation ourselves, and the need for stretch, mobility, and flow classes grew (hard) because of the working from home situation.

Now that we’re slowly getting back to normal everyone’s craving the opening of gyms and studios more than ever. Until that time, online workouts will be the way to go, together with outdoor workouts. The latter is possible again in small groups (yay!) and will be a big part of our trend predictions.

Find the five sports trends we’re predicting for 2021 below.

Trend 1: Stretch, mobility, and flow classes stay popular

With a 25% growth in check-ins after last year’s lockdown, stretch, mobility, and flow classes were very popular with all OneFitters. The moment gyms and studios opened their doors again in summer and fall, these classes were in big demand.

Working from home, with not always the most ergonomic posture, is taking its toll, and members are looking for relief. We predict this will continue into 2021. The home office is not yet disappearing from our work environment, so there will probably continue to be a craving for muscle-strengthening and relieving workouts. In October 2020, there was a 10% increase in check-ins to these classes compared to October 2019.

As such, we expect another surge in check-ins for these types of classes when gyms reopen their doors this year.

Trend 2: We’ll go outside even more

It will be no surprise, but outdoor sports will continue to play a big role in the workout routine of many in 2021. Now that the weather is getting better, the days are getting longer and there are bettter regulations from the RIVM regarding outdoor sports, partners will start offering more outdoor classes.

Working out outdoors is great for your body and mind and will therefore be a good alternative to the gym or studio, especially in the first half of 2021 during the lockdown.

Outdoor sports such as tennis, SUP, Padel and more will also make their appearance during the good weather days and after that, they’ll be there to stay. The safety of the outdoors (less chance of contagion) and the possibility of keeping a (considerable) distance from each other will make that outdoor lessons will be preferred more often.

Trend 3: Online is here to stay

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but in the new normal it will be impossible to imagine working out without online classes. This is due to the norm of working from home, fewer days at the office, but also the need to continue working out ‘safely’. The time will be different for everyone, when and if they feel safe enough to go to the gym again, and this will be far from three times a week.

At OneFit, we will continue to expand our online offer, so that everyone can stay fit in their own way, whenever and wherever they want. Fortunately, with an Original or Lite membership, you can also work out online limitless – an advantage of OneFit is that it’s all-in.

Trend 4: Company fitness will be more important than ever

Employee mental health is more important now than ever. The workplace and interpersonal dynamics have changed tremendously in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. With many working from home, less exercise and less social contact with colleagues, an employee’s mental state is at risk.

Sport helps in many ways to counteract this. Company fitness through OneFit for Business is a great way to keep employees fit, provide an outlet and maintain the social aspect among colleagues. They can schedule workouts together which allows them to see each other more often while also working on their health.

Win = win if you ask us, also for the employer: because a healthy employee counts for two, there’s less chance of (corona) burn-out complaints and the atmosphere on the (online) work floor is more positive.

Trend 5: A big increase in mindfulness workouts

In 2020, the demand for mindfulness workouts was growing. There was a need for meditation and breathing classes, and the special Wim Hof workouts were also very popular. This was mainly due to the various lockdowns, corona depressions, and sitting at home a lot.

In 2021, we expect another high demand for these types of classes, to offer home workers, parents, and anyone with the need for them an outlet in daily life. Mindfulness classes, meditation, and breathing classes will show growth, and the offer at OneFit will be adapted accordingly. 2021 will be a year of self-development, mental health, and a fit, healthy mindset!

Stay fit, stay healthy.