Everyone’s mostly working from home, but not in the most ergonomic ways. At the dining table, on a dining chair, and with bad support for your back. Next to that, physical movement is brought to a minimum now you’re not biking to work anymore for example. The gyms are closed, so that doesn’t help either.

These are all things that contribute to sore muscles, back pains, and other physical complaints. Your body had to endure quite a lot during this last year. Why? Well, sitting still is actually the worst for your body.

Stretch, mobility, and flow classes more popular than ever

One way to reduce these pains is doing specific workouts that are designed for these complaints. Think of stretch, mobility, and flow classes. You’ll find a big offer of these classes in the OneFit app.

In late 2020, we saw a big increase in check-ins for these stretch, mobility, and flow classes. The moment all gyms opened again after the first lockdown there was an increase of 25% in check-ins for these classes. In October 2020, we even saw an increase of 10% compared to October 2019.

Tips to use at home

Looking at these numbers, it may be a good idea to plan classes like this on a regular basis, because it’s very easy fitting them into your routine.

OneFit also offers consults at the physiotherapist: these are great if you need tips and are looking for a good home office experience.

You’ll also find a lot of online workouts in the app that’ll help with complaints you might be having. A Booty Stretch (yes, really) by Switch Workout, a Flow Yoga class by De Nieuwe Yogaschool or Balanzs, and a HIIT and Flex workout by The House of Movement & Sound, for example. In short: great ways to release tension and help your body relax.

Stay fit, stay healthy.