You are the boss!

You can decide. It’s your choice; yes or no. Feels good, right? No, we’re not talking about your relationship (although…). Today we’re talking about your notifications! Because despite the fact that many OneFitters love to be up to date about everything, we also like to support our members who have less need for it.

Which notifications can you turn on/off?

Within the app, navigate to Account and then to Notification preferences. Here you see exactly what kind of notifications you can get. Let’s explain.

Email notifications

Reservation information: wanna know if your booking was successful? Or maybe your cancellation? If you turn this one on, you will receive an update of each reservation + adjustments.

Review invites: both the OneFit locations as fellow OneFitters will appreciate your review. If you select this option, you will receive an invitation after every workout. Give us a piece of your mind!

Newsletter: you don’t want to miss this one! Every other week we slide into your inbox with new locations, tips for workouts and everything else that’s nice to know about OneFit.

Push notifications

Commercial: with this one you receive notifications about new locations in your city. Android dus not have this option, but no worries; we’ll update you about this in our newsletter.

Payment updates: not unimportant. For example, if you have an open no-show fee, you’ll get 48 hours to pay the fee. If you don’t pay in time, your account will be blocked temporarily. Probably be nice to know.

Reservation reminders: you don’t know your agenda by heart? We get it. That’s why we can send you a reminder 30 minutes before the cancellation period of your next scheduled workout ends. Useful for preventing no-show fees as well.

Friends: want to connect with friends that are OneFit members as well? Don’t forget to turn this one on. Do you prefer to be left alone? Whatever soothes your soul. Then you just turn it off.

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