With a OneFit Presents class, you can work out on the hidden gems of your city you may not even know yet. Exclusively with your OneFit membership, you can work out in a club, on a hotel rooftop, in a theater, or even on the deck of a flippin’ ship! All of these and tons more unique locations are accessible with our OneFit Presents teachers.  

You’re looking at the sugar and spice of your workout routine: beautiful views and killer lessons at the same time.


The Hague



Work out at unique locations

We’re talking workouts with a badass sound system, nightlife-style light shows and you’ll definitely go home with sore muscles and a freaggin’ big smile on your face!

All you have to do? Check in with your reactivated membership. Curious about the lineup? Check it out in full here!

These are the hotspots

Start your indoor workout routine back with a bang: party workouts, drinks, and free goodies in the coolest locations. 

Do you want a taste? Scroll through the photos below… 

I know, crazy right?! Book your place in advance soon – spots are filling up fast! Below you’ll see the entire schedule of all OneFit Presents teachers. Go to the individual schedule per teacher and you will find all of their kick-ass workouts in one click!

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Things will look a bit different than you’re used to when it comes to working out indoors, but the rules are there for your peace of mind. Be rest assured that all locations adhere strictly to the regulations of the RIVM by the book. They take care of health and safety; all you have to do is turn up!

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