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OneFit Presents: SLAY WITH A by Aline

Multiple locations

OneFit Presents is a new concept with special workouts, given by the most popular OneFit teachers within our community. These classes take place at hotspots in our OneFit cities to create a new experience for you as a OneFitter.

Are you ready for a fun and sweaty workout while working on a positive mindset? SLAY WITH A by Aline gives you the right amount of challenge to get that body fit and toned while also working on a strong mind. SLAY stands for doing something particularly well with confidence. It's about Selflove, Learning and Acceptance of Yourself while you're working out. The main focus of the workouts is getting to know your own body and know how to move your muscles so you can improve your fitness level every time you join the class. It's all about working in your own level, and work towards building strength and cardio while still loving where you are at the moment. With high energy, good music and positive mindset you're ready to take that workout to the next level and even take that with you in your everyday life.


For the workouts you need your mat, a bottle of water and a resistance band(optional). This class takes place indoors. In good weather, the lesson will be given outside.

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    Multiple locations

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