At OneFit we have 638 locations with a huge variety of yoga lessons. Hot, relax, yin and Iyengar. There’s a type of yoga for everyone! Of course we’re extremely proud that you’re able to take all these types of yoga lessons with your OneFit membership.

High time to take a look at how our members are using their OneFit membership to do a yoga session. We have collected the most interesting data from the last twelve months!

Hundred thousands of check-ins

In the last twelve months there have been 500.423 yoga check-ins with OneFit. Most of those check-ins have been on a Monday. Because starting your week with a relaxing yoga session is always a good idea.

Tuesday and Wednesday are also popular days to check-in for a yoga session. The least popular day to do yoga is Saturday.

A yoga record

The all time record of most yoga check-ins on one day was broken in May. May 6 to be exact! On that day, a total of 2.108 check-ins were done for a yoga lesson by OneFitters.

About time to break that record on International Yoga Day, June 21. Let’s go!

OneFitters: you rock!

All these check-ins are, of course, not possible without you guys! And that’s why we salute you! Looking at the statistics from the last twelve months, there are two OneFitters that had the most yoga check-ins.

Habiba – 261 yoga check-ins
Thanks to OneFit, Habiba discovered her love for yoga. “What I like about OneFit, is the many different workouts I can try. Especially hot yoga is something I’m into right now!”

A yoga sessions gives Habiba a moment to clear her brain and be thankful for everything her body can do. “I also like the fact that I became a lot more flexible, fit and stronger. I can now do things I couldn’t think of a year ago!”

Silvia – 259 yoga check-ins
“Yoga means a lot to me and is already a huge part of my life. It has helped me move forward after the loss of my husband seven years ago.” Around this time, Silvia has already had 259 yoga check-ins in the last twelve months. “After a yoga session, it’s like coming back from vacation. I feel relaxed, renewed and happy. Other times it’s a confrontation with emotions.”

She continues: “It’s a luxury to be able to have access to the best studios and classes with my OneFit membership. And I continue to keep learning every day from the best teachers!”

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