11 October

OneFit hack #6: Open training – this is how it works

Want a break from group classes or just like working out alone in the gym more? That's also ...
22 August

Hack #10 – This is how to book an additional workout

Do you just love working out with OneFit? Then you'll be super happy with the 'Additional ...
OneFit hack 9
06 May

OneFit hack #9 – How to manage your membership

Awesome, right; a membership without a contract, that you can just pause whenever you go on ...
OneFit hack 8
24 April

OneFit hack #8 – Track your OneFit visits

Did you know you can find exactly how many times you’ve visited a location in the app? Verrry ...
12 April

OneFit hack #7 – How to check in for your workout

A check-in at a OneFit location is like a ticket to your favorite festival; you can’t enter ...
OneFit app hack 2
28 March

OneFit hack #6: Open training – how it works

Wanna take a break from group classes or are you just more into training by yourself at the ...