Do it yourself!

Even though we’re mega fans of group classes, we know that it can also be really nice to just pound away at the gym on your own. Earphones in, favo music on (check for example one of our OneFit Spotify lists) and go. Luckily there are plenty of OneFit locations where you can do this.

Check it at the location

  1. Open the OneFit app (yes, you would forget).
  2. Navigate to Locations at the bottom left.
  3. In the search bar, type in the location you want to view and click.

Open training can be done in two ways. Many gyms offer the possibility of open training on a walk-in basis. At the bottom right of the location page, you will see Open Training. If you click on it, you will see the times when you can do an open training at this location. You do not have to make a reservation: go there, check in and start training!

The second way is that the open training is listed as a workout in the schedule. This means you will see classes called “open gym / open training or similar” in the schedule. For this you need to make a reservation. In that hour you can check in and train freely.

Would you like to go swimming? Then first reserve a time slot via the website of the pool, reserve a spot in the app, come to the location and show your OneFit check-in at the entrance.

How to book an open training workout?

  1. Navigate within the Locations app.
  2. In the search bar, type the location where you want to train and click.
  3. Go to the Open Training tap at the bottom right or in the grid to the day and time you want to work out and choose an Open Training workout.
  4. Reserve this class as you normally would. It will become visible in your schedule. If you are doing a walk-in Open Training, you can just go to the gym and check in there without a reservation.
  5. Make sure you check in at the gym at this time. If you are 5 minutes or more late you cannot check in and your entry may be denied.

Stay fit, stay healthy.