More and more companies are choosing to invest in the health of their employees. Nowadays, as an employer, you no longer get away with a fruit bowl and healthy lunch, but solutions such as company fitness are a popular option.

OneFit conducted research via LinkedIn on the importance of company fitness and sports in general. A number of salient points come out of this.

Sports is seen as an important employee benefit

One poll found that, after the thirteenth month, most employees consider free exercise and wellness to be one of their most important fringe benefits.

No less than 44% of the voters agree that a solution like company fitness should be part of their employee benefits program.

Logical too, when you look at the number of people who exercise to feel better. A clear 52%, according to the question on Linkedin.

Working out flexibly is in high demand

There are several options for a company to let their employees exercise (for free). A gym at the office or a regular gym for employees is an option, but with that, you can never keep everyone happy.

In addition, it turns out that no less than 88% (!) want to exercise close to home. Something that is less convenient for employees who don’t live near the office.

They want to be flexible when it comes to sports. That’s difficult if they have to go to the office to do this, especially with the increasing traffic jams. Recent news shows that there is more traffic and congestion than before corona, in 2019.

Company fitness through OneFit for Business is the perfect solution to this problem and gives employees choices to exercise or relax where, when and how they want. Close to home or around the office.

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Flexible working is preferred

55% prefer to divide their working week 50/50 flexibly and would like to decide for themselves whether they work at home or in the office. A challenge for the future, partly because there is still no clear legislation on hybrid working from home.

OneFit for Business responds to this desire and is a flexible solution for now and the future. In addition, the secondary benefits that employees consider one of the most important are immediately met.

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Stay fit, stay healthy.