It’s hard to work up some positive energy from that dragging lifestyle of sitting and working from home. Gyms and studios are closed and breaking the daily routine has been hard. Are you curious about how you can wake up energized and with a positive mindset anyway? We’re telling you below.

By adding a routine to your mornings and keeping to it, you’ll see that you’ll be more relaxed and you know what to expect the next day. Your stress level will get lower because the routine gives you a calm mindset. These tips will help to start your day right:

Tip 1: You snooze, you lose

Yass, everyone knows this one: snoozing your alarm is not a good idea and only makes you wake up more tired. In fact, in between each snooze, you sleep very lightly, which doesn’t let you rest well and your brain has to work hard waking up again and again. Get up at your first alarm, pull off the blanket and literally jump out of bed: sounds strange – but it energizes immediately! Try it out.

Tip 2: Daylight is the best booster

The days are getting longer! It’s light before you wake up now (probably), so open op the curtains as soon as you get up and let the daylight do its work. By letting the sun wake you up and not staying in a dark room, you’ll be awake much faster and your day starts the right way! It’s also great to throw open your windows when the weather is nice and let the air into your room. Oxygen is a treat for your brain too.

Tip 3: Play your favorite song or playlist

Music works its charm, everyone knows that. If you start your day with your favorite song or playlist in the morning, you’ll immediately get into a positive mood. Dance yourself awake and sing in the shower and notice instant happiness! Check out one of our OneFit Spotify playlists if you need some inspiration.

Tip 4: Do a workout (duh)

Yes, the best booster in the morning: an awesome (online) workout! Do a killer HIIT, intense Barre workout, or go for a quiet start with a meditation class. The OneFit app is full of online workouts that will turn your morning into a motivating one immediately. Get your heart rate up, ensure good circulation and take a nice shower + breakfast afterward: you’ll be in the mood for a productive day!

Tip 5: Make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea

A motto that we’re all guilty of: “waking up without coffee is impossible”. Recognizable? Postpone it for a while. Let your body wake up and drink your first cup of coffee or tea after an hour or longer. Caffeine is a booster, but not a good one if you have just woken up.

Waited for an hour? Then you’ve earned it: make a delicious cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it consciously (without a screen). Such a moment of pleasure gives your brain the signal that you’re happy and you’ll automatically be happier. Fancy a delicious breakfast to top it off? Find some tasty and healthy recipes here.

Tip 6: Go outside ☀️

Vitamin D (gained by daylight and sun) is an important building brick for your body. Besides it being important for a strong immune system, it’s also significant for the absorption of calcium in your body (which results in strong bones). Take a nice walk outside, go running or cycling and see what it does for a positive mindset: a clear head for a productive day!

Want more tips on how to stay fit at home and what you can do to make the daily drag at home more bearable? This blog gives you some more general tips on how to do that! OneFit Presents teacher Malou also gives you some extra tips in this blog, so at least you have enough reading material for a healthy mindset.

Stay fit, stay healthy.