When it comes to maintaining the mental and physical health of employees, it is important to find an approach that fits well with the needs of your organization and employees. One of the options can be offering company fitness. In this blog, we will investigate whether your organization fits the OneFit for Business company fitness program. Ready to take the test and – together with your colleagues – become (mentally) fitter than ever ? Then read on quickly!

Not yet familiar with OneFit or OneFit for Business? Here’s a brief explanation: OneFit is a membership where users can book different workouts at different sports locations. Think of yoga, fitness, spinning, padel, pilates or boxing. OneFit also makes this possible for companies: as a company, you can contribute to the OneFit membership of your employees. How much you contribute is up to you!


Are you ready to discover if OneFit is the right fit for your company? Start the test! (Pssst… with a score of 3 out of 6, there’s already a great match!)

✅ Your office is located in or near one of the cities where OneFit is available. Or many of your employees live in one of these cities.

OneFit is available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Breda and Leiden. So it’s convenient if your company is located in one or more of these cities. With an office in these cities, employees can easily book a workout before, after or during work hours via the OneFit platform. Colleagues can even plan a fun workout together! Another option: is the office not located in one of these cities, but many of your employees do live in these cities; then the match is there as well. This way, employees can enjoy the platform in the evening, weekends or during their holidays, so the focus will be more on exercising in their own time and environment.

Little insight from our side: OneFit will soon expand again! We are going to be entering the ‘Gooi’ area. So is your company located in ‘t Gooi? Then don’t hesitate to investigate whether our company fitness offer can be something for your business! Contact us.

✅ Team building is of great importance. You are looking for more than “just” a fitness subscription.

Has team building always been high on your company’s agenda? Or is it one of the important KPIs for this year? Then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to OneFit facilitating a fitness platform, we can also provide fun group workouts, lectures, workshops or sporty challenges. Consider for example a lecture on Corporate Vitality by the managing director of Delight Yoga, or an Energy and Focus workshop by Yves van Veen (which also includes breathing techniques). We have many interesting options within our “Activate” offer, that smaller teams as well as the entire company can enjoy. In short: we are able to think along in organizing educational and fun team building activities for your company.

✅ Your employees love variety and trying new things!

Do your employees enjoy a bit of challenge and variety? Then OneFit is the fitness solution for your company. One day a yoga session (by yourself), the next day a game of padel with the team, and the week after Rocycling with that one good colleague… It’s all possible! OneFit has partnerships with over a 1,000 sports locations within various sports categories, making the fitness offer for our members huge. Don’t worry; OneFit is also a great option for creatures of habit, as you can check-in at the same sports location 4 times a month (max.). But, for the sports fanatics who are not averse to a bit of variety, OneFit is an absolute must-have!

✅ You are actively looking for a benefit that creates a healthy and vital working environment. Such as offering company fitness.

If you are actively looking for a secondary benefit that promotes a vital work environment, offering company fitness is a great option. Did you know that exercise not only improves the physical health of your employees, but also the mental health? Regular exercise can even decrease the amount of employees calling in sick. We wrote an insightful, comprehensive guide about this called the “OneFit Vitality Guide”. A must-read for every employer who’d like to know more about creating a healthy and modern working environment for their staff. The nice thing about company fitness is that in many cases you can offer it quite beneficial. Company fitness falls within the free space of the Dutch WKR (work costs scheme). The WKR is an arrangement that allows employers to pay tax-free allowances to staff. Read more about offering (OneFit) company fitness within the WKR in this blog. Free space already full? OneFit has a solution too! For more information; contact our B2B specialists.

✅ Your company culture is flexible, informal, work hard play hard (a.k.a Sweat and Joy)

OneFit’s motto is “Sweat and Joy”, which you could translate to “Work hard, play hard”. A popular saying in the business world. Of course we understand that a work day can be stressful, that days can be long, and that the workload can sometimes become (too) high. That’s how it works in business. But, we also believe there should be fun as well, and that employees should be able to reserve moments in which they can recharge and take a little breather. A workout during working hours can certainly help with this (yes, during the boss’s time!). Previous research by OneFit has shown that 89% of working people in the Netherlands are not allowed to exercise during working hours, while 37% indicate that they would in fact like to exercise during working hours, and 35% would like to get extra hours off to exercise. This requires some flexibility from the employer. If you offer that flexibility as an employer, and if you like a bit of ‘Sweat and Joy’ within your company culture, then OneFit is something for you!

✅ You are looking for a way to attract new staff

The shortage on the labor market is a major headache for many employers. The good news is: offering company fitness might help attract new employees. Recent research by OneFit shows that 52% of working people in the Netherlands believe that stimulating company fitness is good for the image of the employer. Why? It shows an employer cares about the well-being of employees for a longer period of time. Yet, the same study shows that 65% of employers have not yet allocated a budget to encourage physical activity, and do not plan to do so in the future. A shame if you ask us, because it’s actually a relatively easy employment condition to implement, especially if you do so via OneFit. So, if you are still looking for a new way to attract staff, we are happy to help you on your way.


Did you answer ‘YES’ to at least 3 out of 6 questions? Then your company is a great match with OneFit for Business! Of course we hope that means you’ve also become enthusiastic about offering company fitness through OneFit. If that is indeed the case, then please contact our B2B specialists, they will be happy to help you get started.

Also interesting: OneFit is on a mission! We recently started the ‘OneFit Commit’, a manifest against psychical inactivity with the statement: “Empowering employees to pursue active and healthy lifestyles”. If you sign with OneFit for Business and sign this manifest, you will receive a personalized, printed plate for the office to proudly display to your employees and visitors. Spread the word!

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