It’s more important than ever right now to help your immune system out a bit. In winter, the intake of your daily dose of vitamin D drops because of the shorter days and little time spent outside. It’s essential for your immune system though, so make sure you stock up on it.

You can take it as a supplement, but another solution can be to go outside more often and do a 45 min workout every once in a while! Works wonders and to add to it: working out also helps with your immune system, so win = win! So, what better way than to spend a cold winter day outside doing something healthy – with OneFit.

Go ice skating!

The season is here again so go make sure your pirouettes are better than last year! The ice rinks are open again, so go out there and make some meters.

In Utrecht, de Vechtsebanen is ready for your countless kilometres. The IJsbaan Haarlem makes sure you can, safe and at distance, go crazy on ice and get into that real winter feeling. Living in Den Haag? Check out these two: Schaatsbaan de Uithof and Kurhausplein on Ice. Get a glühwein to-go afterwards for that real jingle jangle.

Boost your immune system: go freeze!

It’s wellness for your body, good for your immune system and your cells renew faster: cryotherapy. It has been a trend for a while now and OneFitters love it!

Your body is being exposed to extreme cold for a short amount of time, which also helps with pains, injuries and physical complaints. A true gem in winter, because you can beat cold much easier after doing some freezing! Now the question is, where to go?

An outdoor HIIT a day keeps the doctor away

It’s probably the last thing you want to do on a cold winter day with 1 degree outside. But the kick you’ll get from trying to fight the cold and warming up with a good HIIT class is totally worth it. HIGH STUDIOS Outdoor in Amsterdam knows how: try their new location at the NDSM Werf for a raw but satisfying outdoor HIIT royale.

Den Haag is not less intense, LMNTS pushes your limits in an outdoor bootcamp as well. Not for the shivery. Or challenge yourself in Rotterdam and try a HIIT outdoor at Paaldans Academy Rotterdam! Sweaty workout and a refreshed mind guaranteed.

Got the winter blues? Do a FUN workout!

During the cold winter months, there are enough reasons to stay in. So why not add some more and do some fun indoor workouts – when it’s really too cold… Try Indoor Cliff Diving and refresh yourself even when not going outside. Or, if you’d really like it warm instead, Sauna van Egmond in Haarlem is a good place to start.

But, if you fancy a moment in nature, Fun Forrest Rotterdam has some special in their schedule: Christmas Climbing! Check it out, it will not get cosier than that we can assure you. Surfing at Hartbeach in Den Haag is for the die-hards that are not afraid of cold feet and in Breda, you can explore your city with BredaWandelt and warm up while exploring hidden gems in your hometown.

OneFit Presents: Christmas Specials

Yesss, the OneFit Presents teachers have some special workouts planned to get you into that holiday feeling. Join them in Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam for some sparkly workouts in a club, hotel or aerobics in 80’s outfits: it’s all there.

Find all workouts in this blog post and get inspired. Grab a spot and work (out) until it’s Christmas. Rather stay home? No problem: some of the workouts will be streamed live, so you can enjoy them from your own cosy home.

Stay fit, stay healthy.