📸 OneFit ski trip 2022

It’s winter sports season again! Snow, sun, mountains, skiing and a few schnapps in the après-ski; a fun and sporty activity for you and your colleagues. We can think of dozens of reasons why it is great that you, as an employer, organise a corporate ski trip (hello team building and hello sporty colleagues!), and we certainly encourage you to keep doing so. But, we would also like to use this moment to advocate for offering a more sustainable sporty secondary benefit; namely company fitness.

Not just a corporate ski trip, but sporty activities all year round

Even though an annual corporate ski trip can certainly contribute to a happy workforce, it can also be done more sustainably: offering company fitness all year round contributes to the happiness and well-being of employees in a more long-term, sustainable way. Because did you know that contributing to a corporate fitness program is seen as an increasingly important secondary benefit? Next to receiving an extra month of salary (46%), 44% indicates that they would appreciate being supported in sports and wellness. Life is becoming more and more expensive and this way you can meet employees in their (increasing) monthly expenses in a fun and healthy way.

In addition to the economic benefit, offering a company sports program helps employees to exercise regularly and implement a healthy lifestyle. This can lead to the improvement of physical and mental health, which means that performance in the workplace remains optimal too. An active lifestyle has positive effect on sick leave (which is higher than ever these days) and even heavy burn-out complaints can be softened by the stress-reducing abilities of exercise. In short: fit employees keep a company vital, and what employer wouldn’t want that?

OneFit for Business vs. traditional company fitness

Offering sports in any shape or form is of course great, whether you choose to collaborate with a local gym, or open a gym in the office. Yet, OneFit for Business can be just that little push that helps employees to maintain their exercising routines better. Why? OneFit for Business is a flexible sports membership where a user can choose from over 1,000+ sports locations in the Netherlands. This way they can choose from different sports and activities that match their personal interests and needs, and change that constantly (if wanted). Boxing, swimming, playing Padel, free training or spinning, the OneFit app offers a wide variety of choice. Boredom and no motivation? We don’t know her at OneFit! Variety proves time and time again to be so important in maintaining a stable exercising routine.

In addition to this, the flexibility in terms of geographical location is very convenient for people who don’t live and work in the same place. Especially taking the emerging hybrid-working trend into consideration (working both in the office and at home). For example, if an employee lives in Haarlem but works in Amsterdam, they can work out in both cities with OneFit. Next to this, members are not bound to fixed exercising schedules, they can book workouts throughout the day in the OneFit app. Early in the morning before going to the office, during lunch break or after work; whatever the colleague desires in terms of time management, their sports routine doesn’t need to suffer.

Looking for teambuilding?

You might now think; but a corporate ski trip is not the same as a long-term company fitness program in terms of team building, is it? No, we can’t completely deny that. Yet, OneFit is not limited to only making company fitness possible. As part of our service, we like to think along in organising team building activities within the sports theme. Consider for example hosting a company workout at one of our partner locations, a sporty challenge, or a workshop within the vitality theme. Check out our possibilities here for activating your workforce within the OneFit for Business program. Moreover: doing a sporty activity with colleagues can strengthen the team spirit and lead to better communication and cooperation in the workplace. It creates a bond, and as far as we are concerned, that’s team building at its finest!

Oh – and did you know that you can also go on a corporate ski trip with OneFit? In the Netherlands, and indoors… small disclaimer. 😉Visit indoor ski track de Uithof in The Hague with a OneFit membership, and take your colleagues with you!

Would you like to offer OneFit to your colleagues? Check our Company Fitness offer. And read here more about offering company fitness within the WKR space (work-costs scheme).