Yoga in the living room

This relaxing playlist is all you need during a Vinyasa or Yin Yang Working Out From Home. Take a moment for yourself, make a cup of tea, put on your favorite yoga suit and throw on this list. We guarantee a complete zen experience including workout! What more could you ask for?

Shake it ’til you make it

We do a lot of booty workouts, so why not spice them up with a good playlist to shake your booty to. Makes that killer OneFit presents: LouZen booty peachy bum workout much less intense. Especially if you’re working out at home now, you’d better make it a party!

Get out and run

It’s about the only thing we can do outside right now: run. That’s why we’ve made a nice playlist for you to run on the beat, change your senses or just switch off. Remember to run alone and in quiet places. OneFit Runners trainer Cally also has some handy running tips for you in this video. Enjoy!

Punch it!

Do you have a punchbag at home, is there a boxing bag in the basement or are you patiently waiting to get back into that ring? Get in the mood and motivate yourself with these badass beats. This list full of sports music gives you a kick and makes you want to go wild on that punching bag. Try it out!

For áll the workouts

Whether you’re doing Core Concepts, Barre(less), HIIT or Body Weight workouts: this workout playlist will always work. It motivates you to go the extra mile, grab that heavier dumbbell and keep planking for those extra few seconds. Great music for sports and sweating! Tune in.

Get a breath of fresh air

Walking around the block, doing some burpees or jumping jacks in the garden or on the balcony or throwing open a window during that CrossFit®/HIIT Working Out From Home does wonders. And for that extra oxygen boost, pump this playlist! Charge up extra and get back to work with the rest of your daily schedule.

Last but not least

The beast among the playlists we made. This HIIT IT makes your heart beat faster and your heart rate go up. Combine it with a killer workout from our Working Out From Home series and you’re ready to go! An extra portion of energy included. Go for it!

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