At OneFit you can find a huge number of meditation, breathing, and mindfulness classes. So on World Mental Health Day this Sunday, October 10, turn inward and give yourself a moment of peace and awareness.

Below you’ll find some workout tips, locations with great workouts that promote your mental health and we explain a few things about your mental health. Read along!

Boost your body & mind

Next to all kinds of different workouts your OneFit membership also gives you access to special classes and locations that provide ultimate relaxation for body and mind.

Freezlab in Amsterdam, for example, recently launched a new concept: Red Light Therapy. Here your body is exposed to red and infrared light, something that helps you recover faster after a workout, strengthen your immune system and improve your skin. You can also go to Dr. Freeze in Utrecht or Arnhem or to Cryo Center Nederland in Haarlem or The Hague for a cold boost during a cryo session.

Breathe in, breathe out

Breathwork is a very important part of meditation and also very important for a calm mind and body. Anyone familiar with the Wim Hof breathing theory knows: with the right breathing techniques your body and mind are capable of much more than you think.

The Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam offers a wide range of breathwork and Wim Hof classes. The Conscious Club combines sound meditation with breathwork.

Meditation for a healthy head

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to de-stress, begin your day calmly and with focus, and take a moment to consciously turn inward to let go of your mundane stirrings. Many people begin or end their day with meditation.

At OneFit there are many (yoga) locations that offer meditation. At Studio Bondi in The Hague you can get wonderful meditation lessons, Yoga Innerwork Haarlem offers special stress-relief workouts and at The House of Movement & Sound you can do an online meditation.

Get a massage!

Not only yoga classes or meditation help to calm your body and mind, but physical relaxation also helps tremendously. That’s why massages can’t be missing from your OneFit membership. Also, a sauna visit is a good idea if you want to relax and unwind.

Kurhaus Spa in The Hague is a great place for this, as is Zen Zon Zee in Utrecht. In Amsterdam you can go to Relax Lounge and Health Lab de Pier in The Hague will probably become your new favourite place when it comes to floating and creating peace.

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Stay fit, stay healthy.