You shouldn’t exercise on a full stomach after dinner, but the right portions and nutrients before a workout give you that extra energy to go full force. The right time to take a pre-workout snack is 30 minutes to 3 hours before your workout. That way, your body has enough time to process the food and get enough energy from the snacks! Our favorite snacks for a killer workout can be found below:


This high-fiber snack (also delicious for breakfast!) is great if you want to work out long and intensively. Because of the fibers, oatmeal releases its carbohydrates slowly and your body retains this energy longer. Your energy level also stays the same for a longer time, so you can keep going for longer. Tip: super for running training! Eat them about two hours before your workout and go for it!

Let’s go bananas

This yellow rascal is full of potassium and natural sugars. The banana is super popular among athletes, and it’s not just that! The high carbohydrate content gives your body enough energy to do a good outdoor class in the park. Are you working out at home? Make a banana smoothie in the morning or combine it with an oatmeal breakfast. Guaranteed energy for the whole day – even during that online class in the living room.

An egg a day…

…keeps the soreness away! For everyone who needs some extra protein and wants to get it going: eat a hard-boiled egg with some whole-grain toast. It fills you up healthily and is a good alternative if you want to snack a little extra before exercise. Do you prefer to not eat animal products and are you looking for a good substitute? Roast some chickpeas and have some nuts or broccoli: also full of protein and healthy.

Apples with almond or peanut butter

We now know that nuts are good for you. Combine them with fruit and you have a tasty and healthy pre-workout snack. Because of the fibers in the fruit and nuts, you’ll quickly feel satiated, without having to eat a lot of them. Almonds are also full of healthy fats and proteins, which help to build muscle. The vitamin E in the nuts ensures healthy skin, bones, and a healthy heart: great if you exercise a lot.

Say cheese! Cottage cheese, that is

A hit for athletes, because hüttenkäse, also known as cottage cheese, is full of lean proteins and is low in calories. In addition, it is low in salt, low in carbohydrates and high in calcium. All in all, it’s a good alternative if you like cheese, but would like to eat more healthily. Because it contains so much protein, it is also good for your muscle building and fat burning.

Water up!

Not really a snack, but it is important that you hydrate enough and drink water before, during, and after your workout. By keeping your hydration balanced, you’ll dry out less quickly and you’ll be able to work out longer. Your brain needs water to function, as does your body. During your workout you lose more liquids than normal, so stack up! Drink an extra glass of water before you go out and take a nice big water bottle with you to your outdoor workout. Especially when it’s hot!

Eat some granola, a granola bar or an energy bar

Granola, granola bars, and energy bars contain carbohydrates. These are converted in your body into glucose, which in turn ensures that you have a lot of energy to exercise. Add some cottage cheese or a tablespoon of peanut butter, and you’ve also covered your protein intake. Proteins are important especially when you’re doing strength training, so pay attention to that when you’re having a snack.

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