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How does it work?

Once you’ve decided to start your membership, you download the app. In the OneFit app, you’ll see an overview of all locations we’ve partnered up with and all classes that are offered. You can book a class on the schedule or you can decide to work out on your own.

If you’ve booked a class, you go to the location right before the workout starts and check in through the app. When you go to a location for your own workout, you can just show up without making a booking, but you also have to check in through the app.

After, you're all set for an hour of sweat and joy! You can plan up to two weeks ahead and you're allowed to have six reservations in total.

Is the membership actually monthly cancellable?

Yes. You can pause or stop your membership up to 10 days before the end of your 30-day period. All you need to do is hit the ‘stop membership’-button in your membership settings.

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With thousands of classes per day and hundreds of locations to visit, you’ll always find the perfect workout.

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