The swimming pools will gradually open again and we have listed all the pools that are now open for you via OneFit. Plenty of choices to swim and take a refreshing dip.

Open swimming pools during COVID-19

De Mirandabad Amsterdam
Het Marnix Amsterdam
Sportplaza Mercator Amsterdam
Sportfondsenbad Oost Amsterdam
Sloterparkbad Amsterdam
Zuiderbad Amsterdam
Van Maanenbad Rotterdam
Recreatiecentrum Oostervant Rotterdam
Oostelijk Zwembad Rotterdam
Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring Rotterdam
Zwembad Safari Utrecht
Zwembad De Zijl Leiden
Zwembad De Vliet Leiden

Swimming in The Hague and Haarlem is unfortunately not possible yet. However, there are several SUP, surf, and board rentals available. We keep adding locations, so the rest will follow soon.

Below you will find all swimming pools where you can normally check in with OneFit. As soon as they open again we will let you know.

Swimming in Amsterdam

De Mirandabad
Het Marnix
Sportfondsenbad Oost
Bijlmer Sportcentrum
Sportplaza Mercator

Swimming in Den Haag

De Blinkerd
De Houtzagerij
Optisport De Schilp
Het Hofbad
Het Zuiderpark
De Waterthor
Hartbeach Quicksilver Surfschool

Swimming in Rotterdam

De Rozenburcht
Sportcentrum West
Sportcentrum De Wilgenring
Zwemcentrum Rotterdam
Zwembad Pernis
Zwembad Hoek van Holland
Van Maanenbad
Recreatiecentrum Oostervant
Oostelijk Zwembad
Recreatiecentrum Zevenkampse Ring
De Surfschool

Swimming in Utrecht


Swimming in Leiden


It’s not possible to go to a swimming pool in Haarlem, yet. We’re working hard on adding more swimming pools to our network!

You can check at every pool at what time you’re welcome and if it’s possible to do a workout or just swim on your own.